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In the "Transport and Logistics" section, we present software from the areas of ATLAS, vehicle tracking, shipping and shipping, freight forwarding and transport, cab, bus and passenger transport as well as transport industry and fleet management, among others. Due to strong competition, the transport and logistics industry is dependent on constant optimization in order to make its processes efficient. Industry-specific software is an important component to achieve further cost savings. Among others, solutions for transport management and dispatching with integrated route planning are listed. Telematics software, which can be used, for example, to evaluate drivers' remaining driving and rest times in a timely manner, also contributes to efficiency.

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Software categories:

Cab, Bus, and Passenger Transport

Current market overview of industry software for cab centers, public transport, bus companies and passenger transport.

Customs Clearance

Software for automated data exchange between companies and customs - ATLAS, EMCS, EZA, VZA, ASV, mapping of bonded warehouses, etc.

Fleet Management

Software solutions for operational fleet management and telematics for uncomplicated transport processes.

Freight Forwarding

Software for freight forwarding and transport usually includes customer and supplier management as well as order management.

GPS Tracking, Vehicle Tracking

Tour planning, vehicle location, tour optimization - these programs make it easy and efficient!

Logistics, Storage

Logistics software for land, air, sea transports web-based or on-premises for the control of goods flows.

Marina, Shipping

Industry software for shipping companies, shipping and port operators, mapping chartering, handling, container traffic, average and technology , port berth plans, etc.


Software for vehicle management (e.g. for tractors, trailers, containers, etc.) and fleet controlling.

Yard Management

The Yard Management serves as a link between transport and warehouse logistics. Its aim is to efficiently organize processes around the loading ramp.