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ATLAS, software for customs and export - current market overview

Current overview of software on the subject of ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System). The software listed in this section enables exporting companies or their service providers (e.g. forwarding agents) to automate customs clearance or the customs procedure via the Internet.

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Through ATLAS customs software, for example, notices of import duties, customs declarations and other written documents are generated in the form of digital messages (EDIFACT) and exchanged via the Internet. According to Article 6 of the Union Customs Code (UCC), all data exchange between customs and traders (applications, import declarations, export declarations, decisions) should take place electronically. In most cases, the software also includes interfaces to European customs systems such as e-dec, e-zoll and AGS (formerly Sagitta).

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Advantage Customs
Customs software for all ATLAS procedures and international customs clearance
Advantage Customs provides you with a central platform for the standardized and automated processing of your customs procedures. Whether you submit just a few customs applications a month or thousands. Starting with your shipment, our software follows the logistical processes, simplifying your customs clearance. Advantage Customs is fully ATLAS certified and is also a reliable companion for international use.
Transport-Management-Software for logistics, forwarding agencies and shipping!
Transport-Management-Software for logistics, forwarding agencies and shipping! WinSped is a forwarding software, which was developed especially for the transport and logistics sector. The software offers a wide range of functions for the planning, execution and control of transports. WinSped enables efficient customs processing and supports communication between forwarding companies and their customers.
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