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A customs clearance system is a software solution designed to facilitate and streamline the process of customs clearance for imports and exports. It serves as a digital platform that enables customs authorities and businesses to efficiently manage and process the necessary documentation, payments, and compliance requirements involved in international trade. The system acts as a central hub where information is exchanged, customs regulations are applied, and goods are inspected and cleared for entry or exit.

The customs clearance system automates several crucial tasks, such as submitting customs declarations, calculating customs duties and taxes, and validating trade compliance. It allows importers and exporters to electronically submit required documentation, including invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin, reducing the reliance on paper-based processes. The system also integrates with various customs authorities' databases and interfaces, enabling real-time data exchange and efficient communication between all stakeholders involved in the clearance process.

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Advantage Customs
Customs software for all ATLAS procedures and international customs clearance
Advantage Customs provides you with a central platform for the standardized and automated processing of your customs procedures. Whether you submit just a few customs applications a month or thousands. Starting with your shipment, our software follows the logistical processes, simplifying your customs clearance. Advantage Customs is fully ATLAS certified and is also a reliable companion for international use.
Transport-Management-Software for logistics, forwarding agencies and shipping!
Transport-Management-Software for logistics, forwarding agencies and shipping! WinSped is a forwarding software, which was developed especially for the transport and logistics sector. The software offers a wide range of functions for the planning, execution and control of transports. WinSped enables efficient customs processing and supports communication between forwarding companies and their customers.
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