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Software for programming can be, for example, programming languages, entire development environments (IDE), database systems or middleware. This software category includes CASE tools that support developers in their software project management as well as database management systems and tools for data integration and migration. As a software layer, middleware provides communication services for distributed applications and EAI systems enable the complete integration of all business functions.

Programming tools are used by software developers for programming. These are often, for example, UML modeling and documentation tools. Frameworks, on the other hand, are not ready-made stand-alone programs, but, as the name suggests, form the framework for application programming. In the individual sections you will find the software for the "Programming" area.

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Software categories:

CASE-Tools, Software Development

This section lists solutions for CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) and CASE Tools. CASE tools support software developers in their projects.

DBMS Database Management Systems

Current overview of database management systems (relational, hierarchical, network, object-oriented) and tools for databases.

EAI, Middleware, Integration

EAI systems enable the complete integration of all business functions. Middleware is an infrastructure component that can coordinate different systems as a service and enable data reconciliation, for example.


In dieser Rubrik präsentieren wir Lösungen zu Frameworks. Frameworks bestehen aus einzelnen Klassen und können für unterschiedliche Plattformen geeignet sein.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Development environments are tool packages for developing software. Low code platforms are programmed in integrated development environments and increase productivity through reusable templates.

Programming (Miscellaneous)

In this overview you will find software for programming or software engineering, such as macro editors, UML tools or even Gantt components.

Programming Tools, Developer Tools

Useful tools for developers include UML modeling and documentation tools, report or barcode generators, or test automation tools.