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EAI is the abbreviation for Enterprise Application Integration. EAI systems enable the IT department to fully integrate all business functions, even if they are distributed across different application programs and platforms.

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Middleware is an infrastructure component that can coordinate different systems as a service. As a software layer, it provides communication services for distributed applications via standard interfaces and thus enables integration of the applications and their data. In this way, middleware components help to sustainably reduce development costs and optimize the effort required for network administration, as well as simplifying different data accesses. Most middleware products already use standardized services as interfaces to the network. Colloquially, middleware can also be called interface software. Furthermore, data reconciliation between different applications or EDI message exchange is enabled.

Digitization is always related to the exchange of data between individual software components. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable one software or application to provide services for another software, platform or application. APIs must be developed, tested and managed. You will also find suitable tools for this in this section.

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Magic xpi - ITIL Helpdesk Integration
Verbinden Sie das ARS ("Action Request System") mit anderen Systemen
Verbinden Sie das ARS (Action Request System) mit anderen Systemen Connect Magic xpi Remedy, the leading solution for IT service management and AR systems, conveniently with other service and business solutions such as ERP systems, financial accounting, HR applications or SAP applications. Organise service management processes worldwide and across company boundaries. Magic xpi Remedy can be connected to any existing mask in the AR system.
MR.KNOW - Middleware
MR.KNOW - Middleware The MR.KNOW - BPM inspire middleware not only brings numerous interfaces such as ERP (SAP, Asseco, Wilken, Datev, MS Dynamics) as well as DMS, ECM, OCR, BI, RPA, Bots etc., but also enables the connection of existing IT systems with simple configuration. The integrated ESB light, modern web and REST services as well as open API's also allow existing systems to be quickly integrated into processes. Data, services and DevOps can be managed easily and conveniently.
Connectivity for mainframe solutions (IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries, Siemens BS2000/OSD)
LOG-WEB is a product for host communication with web technology (IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries, FTS BS2000/OSD), which enables users to use a uniform interface for communication with different host systems.
LOG-WEB SDK: Visual Workbench for Application Integration
LOG-WEB SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to create web applications. The LOG-WEB SDK accesses the mainframe applications via the LOG-WEB server and automatically prepares them for application development via a graphical interface.
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