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LOG-WEB SDK: Visual Workbench for Application Integration

Version:  3.2

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LOG-WEB SDK is a software development kit for developing web applications based on your mainframe applications. Generate ready-to-use web applications and fully functional, individual web user interfaces with this tool kit.

You don't need expert knowledge to realize individual web applications with the SDK. The LOG-WEB SDK accesses the mainframe applications via the LOG-WEB server and prepares them for application development automatically via a graphical user interface.

The fully functional web interfaces for your applications are generated at the push of a button. Using standard HTML means, you can integrate these interfaces into your company website. This also works if you want to combine parts of several applications to a new web application under a new interface.

So that you can develop your own applications and interfaces with the SDK - consisting of interfaces and Visual Workbench - without any problems, the tool kit provides you with comprehensive documentation and sample projects.

Your advantages with LOG-WEB SDK:

  • Fast realization of customized web applications without expert knowledge
  • No updates or changes to the host
  • Client- or server-based solutions based on current web and Java technologies
  • High flexibility in the integration of different end devices through automatic generation of the corresponding source code
  • Immediate testing of web applications via HTTP and the generated user interfaces - without time-consuming intermediate steps
  • Simple modification of the web application at any time
Target groups:

The SDK is an excellent LOG-WEB extension: based on existing mainframe applications, you are able to develop your own web solutions.

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