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Software for web servers can perform very different tasks e.g. monitoring the performance of the server. Programs on the intranet can be used exclusively on the internal computer network, while software for the Internet is also installed on public or remote web servers. The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN encrypts the Internet connection and thus prevents "eavesdropping" or "reading" of data transmissions such as e-mails, etc. The type of Internet connection is irrelevant when using VPN. VPN software enables, for example, the secure integration of field staff into the company's internal network.

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i4XML - the iSeries XML Tool
While the iSeries/System i5 world has survived so far without the widespread use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), technology use is forcing a change. Over the past few years, XML has been transformed from being a useful web development tool into the primary language for data interchange across systems. It is fair to say that iSeries/System i5 shops need to embrace XML as a “de facto” standard and the way forward. For example, many existing company processes use XML as the standard format ie incoming orders from systems like SAP or other “modern” ERP-systems ...
PANSITE - Content Management System (CMS)
Powerful content management system - for complex websites and intranet presences
Powerful content management system - for complex websites and intranet presences The more knowledge is stored in a company's intranet, the more important it is that all employees can handle this technology and use the knowledge and information to support their own work processes. An intranet based on the Content Management System (CMS) PANSITE and .NET technology ensures location-independent data, news and messages also on pages of subsidiaries, content pages maintained via Browse & Edit and much more.
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