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i4XML - the iSeries XML Tool

Version:  07.06

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While the iSeries/System i5 world has survived so far without the widespread use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), technology use is forcing a change. Over the past few years, XML has been transformed from being a useful web development tool into the primary language for data interchange across systems.

It is fair to say that iSeries/System i5 shops need to embrace XML as a “de facto” standard and the way forward. For example, many existing company processes use XML as the standard format ie incoming orders from systems like SAP or other “modern” ERP-systems. Additionally, data from “web-shops”, “web-forms” etc are often structured with the use of XML. Your partners, customers and suppliers may expect data supplied in the XML format.

i4XML is dynamic and works in Interactive/Batch/CL modes as well as being available as an SDK (Solution Developer Kit) for you to embed into your own applications.

And, it’s possible and easy with i4XML – enabling you to generate an XML-stream file out of any Query on your iSeries/System i5. Support for multi-dimensional database structures is fully included. i4XML also accommodates any read-in XML-streams, both structured and unstructured.

Rather than forcing your in-house developers to work with XML in detail, i4XML makes it all easy and straightforward for them. Input for i4XML can be complicated XML structures; Output from i4XML is always standard iSeries/System i5 physical files … easy to use for your developers. The same thing the other way around - when having i4XML generate XML, Input is via one or a group of files provided by your iSeries/System i5 developers via their usual physical files, Output is a structured XML-stream file.

Target groups:

All industry, commercial System i / iSeries / AS/400 Users.

476.00 EUR (400.00 EUR plus 19% VAT)
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