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Network Management (miscellaneous) - current Market Overview

Network management ensures, among other things, that the required performance is available at all times. The tasks of network management therefore include collecting appropriate information about usage, monitoring and logging performance and any errors that occur. Not only the individual network components are monitored or managed, but also the network servers and the services provided. A complete list of all registered network software can be found in the corresponding main section. Current solutions and programs for network management in general are listed here, including tools for monitoring the availability and performance of databases and web servers.

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cableScout software for the management of optical fiber networks
Software for the documentation and administration of fiber, FTTH and copper networks
Software for the documentation and administration of fiber, FTTH and copper networks
cableScout is a documentation and information platform that has been developed specifically for the management of telecommunications networks. It enables all types of fibre optic and copper networks to be documented and efficiently managed both on a physical, logical and virtual level, in other words, from the georeferenced position to the signal layer. cableScout® supports all relevant technologies in the transmission and access sectors including SDH, PDH, xWDM, xPON, Ethernet/IP, xDSL and FTTx.
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