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Current Market Overview - mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and BYOD

In this SoftGuide section, you will find a current market overview of software and systems for mobile device management (MDM) and programs for enterprise mobility management (EMM). In the context of mobile security, it is essential to integrate mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets and tablets, which are equipped with operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerryOS, into the overall security concept of the company, authority or institution.

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The definition of BYOD (bring your own device) is already in the name itself. More and more employees are using their own mobile devices for business activities. Device managers (Android, iOS, etc.) can be used to ensure secure access to company e-mails, corporate content, etc. Software for MDM or systems for EMM usually include cross-platform solutions for integrating mobile devices into your corporate network and secure access to the cloud.

Mobile device management software usually also supports mobile device inventory, data protection and offers mobile app management (MAM). Comprehensive EMM systems are divided into the management of mobile devices (MDM), the management of apps on these devices (MAM) and offer mobile information management (MIM).

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