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In this SoftGuide section you will find software and solutions for IT Asset Management (ITAM). IT assets are the individual pieces of hardware equipment (laptops, desktops, monitors, etc.) and the software programs in use. They are an integral part of the corporate structure and the company network.

As part of IT asset management, all of a company's hardware and software is inventoried, cost centers are assigned, and expenses for maintenance and repair are recorded. IT asset management also includes the monitoring and use of equipment. IT asset management also includes license management, with information on the type of license, existing and used licenses, and license costs, etc. The ITAM software listed here generally supports the management of IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle, taking into account the aspects of IT inventory (including barcode or RFID scanner solution) and license management.

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Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more.
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more. Management and documentation of all hardware and software assets over their entire life cycle. Linked to contracts, costs, allocation to locations, departments and cost centres, it is the basis for IT operations, planning, controlling and purchasing. Enables the inventory of virtual environments such as vCenter and Hyper-V and allows the hardware and software of the data centre to be managed. Since 2019, Asset.Desk also provides an overview of cloud usage and costs. One of the few SAM tools certified by KPMG since 2015. Allows mobile support of the processes of acquisition, goods receipt, inventory, IT operations and disposal. Interfaces based on REST services allow integration into any corporate environment, e.g. with ERP and helpdesk or similar systems. Asset.Desk makes inventory possible with barcode or RFID.
CIO Cockpit
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation.
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation. What is IT Financial Management? Digital business models, new challenges: A development that particularly affects the IT organisation of companies. Until recently, IT was a service provider on call, but in the future it will play an active role in shaping business. The age of the IT manufacture is ending - that of the IT service provider with economic responsibility is beginning. This means that the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is changing. Until now, the CIO was primarily a technology manager ...
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management Thanks to the Djinvoice software system, asset management is future-proof and user-friendly. The functions included and the adaptable software are very advantageous, with which companies always have a tool available that is tailored to their own requirements.
Helpdesk-Software / IT-Service-Management-Software
Helpdesk-Software / IT-Service-Management-Software Ticket System, Helpdesk, Servicedesk, Full-Service-Management, Incident- und Problem-Management. Neben dem Ticketersteller erfasst das System auch den Zeitpunkt der Erstellung, Personalien, Prioritätsstufe/Dringlichkeit, Problembeschreibung und eine Übersicht bisheriger Bearbeiter. Hohe Prozessindividualisierung, ein hoher Individualisierungsgrad und eine strukturierte und intuitive Benutzeroberfläche sind Kernkompetenzen. Service Level Agreements können abgebildet werden. Eingangskanäle sind: Self-Service-Portal, E-Mail Schnittstelle oder Call In Support. Self-Hosting oder SaaS sind möglich. Der Funktionsumfang ist bei Veränderungen anpassbar. Auch als App.
USU IT & Enterprise Service Management
Product suite with field-tested modules for IT and enterprise service management
Product suite with field-tested modules for IT and enterprise service management The USU IT & Enterprise Service Management product suite has a modular design and can map, control and optimise all of a company's service processes. It can be used in the IT area of large and medium-sized companies as well as by IT service providers or, for example, in the HR area or facility management.
EcholoN Service Management Suite
Configuration and asset management
Configuration and asset management EcholoN as a classic ticketing solution for the capture and management of requests, incident reports, requests for changes, etc. supports you - as a supporter or customer service representative - in the capture, processing and resolution of these requests. For an easy management of tickets and the structured processing, EcholoN offers you a light, quickly installed and proven solution from the capture, the processing and the completion.
Helpdesk, asset management, software distribution and patch management
The IT Asset Management Software powered by Client Management for Track-It! provides better discovery, auditing and endpoint management of IT assets. Automated discovery and inventory reduces manual tasks and provides critical information to help you make informed decisions.
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