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IT service management (ITSM) comprises the development, provision, management, measures and methods for supporting business processes through IT service. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) has emerged as the standard in this regard. It is a framework that provides a best practices process model for aligning IT with business requirements. The most widely used frameworks are ITIL v3 and ITIL 2011. ITIL covers a wide range of IT services, from disaster recovery to network management. The abbreviation SOA stands for Service Offerings and Agreements within ITIL Services as well as for service-oriented architecture in the area of IT service management.

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of software and solutions for IT service management and ITIL. The software helps you to obtain secure and detailed information about the IT infrastructure required to deliver IT services and improve process quality, and ensures that IT provides the best possible support for business processes. As a rule, ITSM software offers options for adapting process models and integrating them into any enterprise process model. As a rule, the requirements of ISO 20000 are also met.

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EcholoN Service Management Suite
Good IT service is of great importance for the satisfaction of the service requestor
Good IT service is of great importance for the satisfaction of the service requestor EcholoN customers receive a comprehensive overview of their IT processes and infrastructure and are able to transparently display and control costs. The modular, highly integrated EcholoN covers all disciplines of ITIL-compliant IT service management. It focuses on the central topics: service design, service transition, service operation, continuous service improvement...
USU IT & Enterprise Service Management
Product suite with field-tested modules for IT and enterprise service management
Product suite with field-tested modules for IT and enterprise service management The USU IT & Enterprise Service Management product suite has a modular design and can map, control and optimise all of a company's service processes. It can be used in the IT area of large and medium-sized companies as well as by IT service providers or, for example, in the HR area or facility management.
Platform for creating business applications
Platform for creating business applications omniSuite is a comprehensive solution platform for the step-by-step and completely flexible implementation of individual solutions in IT service management (ITSM), process management and business service management. rimacon omniSuite sets completely new standards: thanks to its unique flexibility, you can fully implement your requirements. You precisely map your individual IT environment, define the appropriate processes, map the IT services to the business services and receive exactly the information you need via analyses or reports.
SPiCE-Lite Assessment Tool
Self-assessment tool for software engineering and IT service management
Self-assessment tool for software engineering and IT service management A digital company's daily routine is very dependent on good and trouble-free software. Randomness has no place in achieving the business goals and generating success. With the SPiCE-Lite Assessment Tool, however, it is easy to quickly recognise and evaluate all important information and, if necessary, take countermeasures in case of problems. This tool enables you to fully analyse and assess all software development processes or even your internal IT service management. . The SPiCE-Lite Assessment software tool comes into play exactly where time and other resources are often lacking in everyday life ...
Active complaints and grievance management
Active complaints and grievance management Improve your services through active complaint and reclamation management and a process-oriented approach. Increase your image and the associated sales potential. The wizard allows systematic recording via forms that are specifically tailored to your company. No complaints or claims are lost due to defined processing rules and escalation levels. The COMPLAINT ASSISTANT is created on the basis of the notation BPMN 2.0.
ITSM Process Library
Standard process model of ITSM according to ITIL 4 and ISO 20000 in BPMN 2.0
Standard process model of ITSM according to ITIL 4 and ISO 20000 in BPMN 2.0 The ITSM Process Library offers a process- and practice-oriented solution with which all standards important for your company with all their specifications can be adopted in your own IT landscape. The included standard process model is based on the specifications of ISO 20000 and ITIL®. Using the ITSM process library, these standards can be adapted exactly to your company and integrated into your internal company process model. Probably the greatest advantage of this is the simple way in which it can be implemented, as well as the enormous amount of time it saves, especially in the initial phase of an ITSM project ...
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management The software solution links digital invoice processing with contract and asset management. Process any digital invoices in a structured format. In addition, the software provides information on where your PCs, laptops, printers and mobile devices are used with just a few clicks. With the help of automated invoice processing and cost accounting, hardware as well as your own IT service costs can be recorded and posted according to their source.
QSEC - GRC/ISMS, ISO 27001/BSI standard- IT protection, B3S and data protection
GRC, ISMS, risk management, IMS, IKS, and data protection - "All-in-one"!
GRC, ISMS, risk management, IMS, IKS, and data protection - All-in-one! QSEC is an integrated management system that provides the management with decisions based on transparency and facts and supplies the corporate risk management with important decision basics from the operative risk management. The implementation of. the Compliance, of Information Security Management according to the requirements of ISO 27001, BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz), B3S Risk Management anddata protection according to GDPR Data Protection according to GDPR In addition, a wide range of other requirements ...
The solution for service companies, in-house service providers and site services
The solution for service companies, in-house service providers and site services MR.KNOW - SERVICEPORTAL The service portal for service services. Overview: End-to-end self-service portals, Customized workflows with BPMN 2.0 models, Service tree and service catalog, Easy maintenance of services, Digital wizards for processing, Automated service processes, Form replacements, Task lists and personal area, Individual interfaces per service or department, Reports, dashboards and process paths, Service portal with BPM software, Can be combined with other process templates MR.KNOW - BPM is a modular system ...
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more.
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more. Asset.Desk, combined with HEINZELMANN Service.Desk, seamlessly integrates powerful IT asset management with effective IT service management.
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IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT service management generally comprises a set of procedures, measures and methods for the development, provision and management of IT services for the company, its employees or its customers. IT service management includes all processes related to planning, compilation of hardware and software, delivery and support. IT services can include virtually any IT resource (hardware, software, computing resource). ITSM is therefore a very general term.

Norms, frameworks and standards for ITSM

There are various norms, frameworks and standards for IT service management, such as ISO/IEC 20000, the Business Process Framework, COBIT or ITIL for ITSM.

ISO/IEC 20000

The international standard ISO/IEC 20000 on IT service management specifies the minimum requirements for processes that an organization must establish in order to provide and manage a defined quality for IT services.

The following requirements and processes are defined by ISO/IEC 20000:

Business Process Framework eTOM

The Business Process Framework eTOM forms a framework for business processes of companies and service providers in the telecommunications industry. It is published by TM Forum as a consortium of telecommunication providers. eTOM has a data model for each detailed process.


COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is a framework for IT governance. The framework divides the tasks of IT into processes and control objectives. Among other things, COBIT is used as a model for ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


ITIL is the abbreviation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It was developed in the early 1980s and has been a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd, a joint venture of Capita Plc and the Cabinet Office of the British government, since 2014.

ITIL is, in a sense, the standard for ITSM. In ITIL 4, 34 best practices are described. This version ITIL 4 was published in 2019. Also widely used are the 5 ITIL disciplines and 26 ITIL version 3 processes. While ITIL V3 defined the service lifecycle and the corresponding processes, ITIL 4 focuses on principles, concepts and practices. The goal of an organization is to achieve the highest possible service quality in the IT area by means of ITIL. Among other things, ITIL provides a common terminology for IT service management.

The best practices are divided into general management practices, service management practices and technical management practices.

ITSM Software

The ITSM software supports IT teams of companies and organizations as well as managed service providers in the planning, design, development and monitoring as well as the continuous provision of IT services. The ITSM processes that ITSM tools map include software release and deployment management, incident management, change management, knowledge management and problem management. ITSM software can be used to manage internal IT and users as well as external IT and users.

Advantages of ITSM Software

The benefits of using ITSM software lie both in improving the efficiency of operational processes and in enhancing customer service. By means of ITSM software, numerous IT processes can be standardized. A regulated IT environment with appropriate policies not only protects against internal and external threats, but also ensures optimal utilization of IT resources.

Improving customer service is achieved through effective use of IT service management software. Customer or user problems can be better tracked by using proven and standardized procedures. As a rule, solutions to problems are found more quickly by means of an ITSM tool.

With the use of ITSM software, modules for vulnerability analysis, predictive analysis and for problem management are usually also available. These modules can help prevent incidents and thus reduce downtime. Using ITSM software, problems can be identified at an early stage and any downtime can be prevented. In addition, emergency plans can be created and implemented.

Typical building blocks of ITSM software

Typical functions of ITSM software

Tips and question suggestions

More tips and question suggestions for evaluating ITSM software: