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Standard process model of ITSM according to ITIL 4 and ISO 20000 in BPMN 2.0

ITSM Process Library

Standard process model of ITSM according to ITIL 4 and ISO 20000 in BPMN 2.0

Version:  10.1.0

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The ITSM Process Library offers a process- and practice-oriented solution with which all standards important for your company with all their specifications can be adopted in your own IT landscape. The included standard process model is based on the specifications of ISO 20000 and ITIL®. Using the ITSM process library, these standards can be adapted exactly to your company and integrated into your internal company process model. Probably the greatest advantage of this is the simple way in which it can be implemented, as well as the enormous amount of time it saves, especially in the initial phase of an ITSM project.

The ITSM Process Library is therefore a tool that has been developed by practitioners for companies for practical implementation. The integrated additional tools in the form of checklists, templates, KPI suggestions and detailed role descriptions are particularly helpful. This generally makes it easier to get started and also gives you and your employees the advantage of not having to invest too much time in the respective adjustments and standardizations. Instead, everyone can focus more on the actual core tasks again, so that ultimately not only costs and time can be saved, but also a more efficient way of working becomes possible.

The ITSM process library is available as Signavio archive for Signavio Process Manager, as ARIS database for Software AG ARIS and as BPMN 2.0 XML for compatible systems and is purely web-based (depending on the process management solution used by the customer).

Your advantages when using the ITSM Process Library:

With the ITSM Process Library we provide a tool developed by practitioners for practitioners that:

  • saves the awful evaluation of necessary processes in the beginning of an ITSM project

  • provides a check for completeness for the planned ITSM process model

  • describes how the ITSM processes and functions can be implemented

  • provides a huge amount of checklists and templates for IT Service Management

  • shows the internal and external process interfaces of the IT Service Management

  • provides process oriented support for the implementation of ITSM systems

  • addresses all process requirements of the ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 standards

Features of the ITSM Process Library

  • 125 linked process graphs from all ITSM practices

  • 34 interface diagrams for all the ITSM practices

  • the critical Service Value Streams

  • 55 complete, tenderable role descriptions

  • numerous checklists and templates to important topics of IT Service Management linked to the respective process steps

  • RACI matrix for the responsibilities

Benefits of the ITSM Process Library

  • best practice from the very beginning

  • a process model tailored to the needs of the enterprise (avoiding the "reinvention of the wheel" - nevertheless it is not the idea in behind to implement uncritically all provided ITSM processes in your company)

  • integrable into each enterprise process model

  • reduction of consulting spending

  • quick wins in a mission critical project


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  • European Business Process Institute (NL)
  • ewl energie wasser luzern(CH)
  • fenaco Genossenschaft (CH)
  • Finanzdirektion Kanton Zug - Amt für Informatik und Organisation (CH)
  • Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FI)
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  • Wolford Aktiengesellschaft (A)
  • Ziggo Services B.V. (NL)
  • and a lot more
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Functions (excerpt) of ITSM Process Library:

Process visualization
BPMN 2.0
BPMN 2.0 workflows
BPMN 2.0 interface
Representation of process paths
Data analysis
event-driven process chain
flowchart / flow diagram
Function tree
Business process simulation
Import of process data
Key figures and key figure systems
Key figure simulations
Modeling workflow
Process and form design
Process analysis
Process automation
Process descriptions
Process data tracking
Process documentation
Process maps
Process modeling
Process optimization
Process templates
Process visualization
Role Management
Rights management
Structured Analysis (SA)
Structured Design (SD)
Versioning of processes


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The ITSM Process Library is available as Signavio archive for Signavio Process Manager, as ARIS database for Software AG ARIS and as BPMN 2.0 XML for compatible systems and is purely web-based (depending on the process management solution used by the customer).