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Current market overview of software and solutions for the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification). Radio Frequency ID is a technology that allows any object equipped with a corresponding transponder or chip to be identified and uniquely assigned without contact. The chip can be read via radio (LF, HF, UHF, microwave). The reader contains the corresponding software, which transmits the data via interfaces to EDP systems or databases. The RFID software listed here is aimed at suppliers of toll systems, smart cards, security systems, museums, libraries, waste disposal companies, automobile suppliers and also, for example, suppliers of animal identification systems.

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RFID software supports warehouse management systems, among others. Here, radio identification is often used in goods receipt and goods issue, in goods tracking and in inventory management. Other focal points for radio technology are time recording systems, inventory management and asset inventory. RFID can also be used, for example, for identification at the food counter. Due to the small size of the chips (in some cases only in the millimeter range), the technology is also used for animal identification systems. RFID transponders can be produced using a special printing process (e.g. for RFID labels). One advantage of the technology is the pulse detection (several data carriers can be detected in a fraction of a second).

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Parsec.NET - complete solution for asset inventory
Assets inventory system with RFID and barcode
Assets inventory system with RFID and barcode Asset inventory - inventory software - inventory management with barcode and RFID - inventory execution. Interfaces to SAP, Diamant R/3, UNIT4, DATEV, Wilken, Entire, HIS, ProAlpha, Infor, Schleupen, MACH, NAVISION, Oracle, Sage, Orbis and many more. Parsec.NET ensures a resource-saving and comfortable administration of your systems in compliance with legal regulations.
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