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Software for mail order - current market overview

Current market overview of industry software, ERP systems and solutions for the mail order business. The ERP software or the industry software for the mail order business usually includes a customer management, an item management, order entry and processing and a warehouse management. An ERP for mail order has various tools for price maintenance and provides extensive interfaces for article imports in different formats.

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The mail order software usually supports, among other things, the determination of the routing code for the freight mail cooperation (DHL, UPS, etc.), allows collective picking and the sending of shipment notifications by e-mail. Frequently, the solutions for the mail order business also offer a store connection including the processing and preparation of articles for the store, data export and enable the import of store orders including plausibility checks. The software for the mail order business enables customer allocation or new creation as well as the maintenance of the customer base and the processing of catalog requests. In some cases, ERP systems provide cross-selling functions, for example.

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unitop ERP Trade
The industry solution for wholesale and distance selling
The industry solution for wholesale and distance selling The unitop ERP retail solution for mail order companies based on Microsoft Dynamcis includes innovative and functional performance features for mapping your retail processes. The solution is scalable and suitable for any size of retail company as well as for any type of warehouse and logistics. The software includes container management for floating goods, CEP service provider connection, ATLAS interface, order control and control center as well as returns management and much more.
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