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This comprehensive market overview shows you industry software, programs and solutions for recycling companies and waste management companies. The business software listed here is designed for use in recycling companies, by waste brokers and disposal companies, by companies in the circular economy and raw materials traders. It is also suitable for scrap dealers, landfill operators, car recyclers and service providers in the field of disposal logistics, container services and municipal waste disposal companies.

The software for recyclers and waste management companies usually contains modules for order and contract processing, scheduling, container management, weighing data collection and inventory management, and a document management system (DMS). It supports consignment note procedures and the electronic waste verification procedure for waste requiring verification. The software usually also offers interfaces to financial accounting and often solutions for a customer portal or connection options to the laboratory. The software also enables the integration of electronic scales, barcodes, transponders and RFID.

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Process and meter data acquisition, archiving and evaluation
Process and meter data acquisition, archiving and evaluation TeBIS is a system for collecting, archiving and evaluating process and meter data for recycling and waste disposal companies. TeBIS provides a uniform platform for the collection and management of data from various sources, thus enabling efficient operations management.
Tour planning system and dispatching system with special industry modules
Tour planning system and dispatching system with special industry modules TRAMPAS is a field-proven and modern software tool that can be used perfectly for route planning and scheduling in the recycling sector, among other things. TRAMPAS supports you in optimizing your tours and processes and offers you the possibility to use your resources more efficiently.
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