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CS Software - Document Management
Modern Document Management
Modern Document Management Document Management dataglobal CS Document Management is not just a solution for the simple management of documents. The dataglobal Digital Workplace provides a significant improvement in collaboration throughout the company. Processes can be automated and employees have more time again for their actual and important tasks. Ensure sustainability by avoiding paper and also increase the effectiveness of your company with the introduction of intelligent document management. Your advantages Transparency and traceability through comprehensive document history ...
Document management for the contracts, invoices and important documents
Document management for the contracts, invoices and important documents With ShakeSpeare, companies save valuable resources in document administration. Employees are relieved and compliance is strengthened. With ShakeSpeare DMS, companies store contracts and invoices first, as these are the most important business documents. Documents are brought to life via workflows. Invoices and contracts can be approved.
Document management
Innovative archiving-, document management- and workflowsystem HABEL for electronic archiving of all business documents. Getting information within seconds about all business processes in consideration to individual demands. We realise an archive solution configured for you. Realised interfaces for the complete integration of HABEL: ABAS Software AG, Baan, BAB Data Systems, BOG, BSK Software GmbH, DINAS Strübing GmbH, Dr. Maier CSS Varial, FibuNet, Spitzer, Fornoff & Heintzenberg, HM-Software GmbH ...
Document control with roXtra for your standard-compliant QM
Document control with roXtra for your standard-compliant QM Standard-compliant document management with roXtra: Steer and manage your quality management documents in an ISO-compliant manner, in freely definable workflows and visualise your process landscape.
M-Files Online
Effective Information Management with the M-Files DMS
Effective Information Management with the M-Files DMS M-Files® is a metadata based software solution for enterprise content management (ECM) and document management and stores documents according to the principle of "what instead of where". M-Files' metadata-based approach solves the problem of cumbersome folder structures and eliminates the need to store files in more than one location. With M-Files, the same document appears where you need it, in different locations, but without being duplicated.
Holistic Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
The Enterprise Content Management d.3ecm ensures more productivity, flexibility and above all security in the daily handling of business documents. In addition to document management, the software also includes workflow components. Optimize your document-based business and decision processes sustainably with d.3ecm. Due to integrated HTML5 technology and mobile apps, you have continuous access to the information and processes.
otris contract
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries The contract management software otris contract supports the complete "life cycle" of a contract: from contract entry, contract creation and monitoring, to contract controlling and archiving. With otris contract you have even complex approval workflows with version / template management securely under control. otris contract is a browser-based system for the central administration and processing of contracts ...
Improve QM-Software
Quality Management Software, CAQ and QM Solution, Risk Management
Quality Management Software, CAQ and QM Solution, Risk Management Improve, the standard solution in quality management, supports you in all requirements. From the recording of a report to the concrete improvement solution, Improve accompanies you and ensures a simple and fast solution finding. Continuous defect recording helps you achieve greater transparency and order. Idea management and customer surveys clearly show where there is potential for improvement. With the "open work" function, you can see which tasks ...
Flexible and Modular Quality Management System
QM-Pilot is a web- and database-based software solution that allows management systems to be set up and actively controlled in a simple and contemporary manner. The demands for process and document control are of central importance in today's QM systems. In QM-Pilot, both aspects are taken into account in one software solution. With QM-Pilot you build a modern, dynamic and flexible management system. Processes and related documents are directly and electronically available to employees. The process and document management can be supplemented with the optional risk module, organization as well as audit management.
Instandhaltungssoftware CMMS
technische Dokumentation und Instandhaltung
CMMS ist eine internet-gestützte Software zur technischen Dokumentation und Instandhaltung von komplexen Anlagen im Bereich Luft- und Raumfahrt und Anlagenbau. Sie ist einsetzbar für die Wartungsplanung und das Wartungsmanagement. Sie können damit periodische Wartungsvorgänge planen und durchführen. Das Programm enthält Optionen für Reparaturen und Modifikationen und die Erstellung von Prozeduren mit Freigabeworkflow. Bestellvorschlägen können anhand der geplanten Wartungsvorgänge generiert werden. Darüber hinaus beinhaltet sie ein Bestell- und Auftragsmanagement ...
aktefix® digital
File, document and workflow management for SMEs
File, document and workflow management for SMEs aktefix® digital archives and organizes files, emails, workflows and documents of all common file formats as a cloud solution or on premises. Documents are found in seconds via full text search and intelligent filter functions. It can be used across all industries, is browser-based and can be operated intuitively to a large extent. Numerous additional functions make aktefix® the ideal all-in-one solution for the digital office organization of small and medium-sized companies.
4ALLPORTAL- DAM Software - Digital Asset Management
Enterprise DAM Sofware for Digital Asset Management
Enterprise DAM Sofware for Digital Asset Management One software 4ALL data! Use 4ALLPORTAL DAM to centrally manage your digital assets. Manage, find and share your files in one central database. Optimize your workflows and automate your workflows and routines. Save yourself and your team time and costs and get back to productivity and creativity. Fixed contact person on the manufacturer side, experienced developer team, server in Germany. Book a demo now!...
xSuite Invoice
Accounts Payable Invoice Automation with SAP
Accounts Payable Invoice Automation with SAP Digitalize your processes with xSuite software - smart solutions for accounting, purchasing, order processing and archiving.
fx-project OS - Successful and Effective Project Management Software
fx-project Open Source offers all possibilities - free, web-based, etc.
fx-project Open Source offers all possibilities - free, web-based, etc. NEW: Since June 2021 fx-project is available as OPEN SOURCE solution! fx-project is a 100% web-based project management and controlling system. Define your project plan directly on the graphical user interface with the mouse and see synchronously the workload of the assigned employees - project planning is not possible faster. The project, subproject and tasks can be easily created with the mouse on a calendar sheet in bar form. Many additional functions and reports simplify the management extremely!...
CAQ.Net - Quality Management Software Solutions
Document Control / Document Management
Document Control / Document Management With the document control software QBD.Net you can manage, control, and archive all your documents in a standard-compliant manner. While working in your familiar MS Office environment, you can control all document monitoring and maintenance processes with ease. The software supports consistent access control, rights monitoring, complete traceability, and history management.
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