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SharePoint from Microsoft is a web application and provides the user with functions for collaboration with other users via the Internet or intranet. It can be used to manage projects and coordinate tasks (collaboration). Office products such as Word or Excel can be jointly edited in a controlled manner via SharePoint. SharePoint and the software and solutions based on it are used via a web browser, preferably Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge.

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SharePoint can be used for a wide variety of business purposes, e.g. as an employee portal, corporate portal, for reporting, project accounting and as a document management system (DMS). As in standalone DMS, documents can be versioned and tagged with metadata. It is possible to link a document library with one or more workflows and thus, for example, coordinate the approval process. Such workflows can be easily configured via the SharePoint Designer.

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Cobalt ToDo Manager
for Lotus Notes & Domino
Cobalt ToDo Manager for IBM Lotus Notes & Domino supports you in cross-departmental group or team organization. Take minutes of meetings, derive tasks, plan and control jobs and projects and benefit from minimizing the effort of project organization. Increase productivity and improve planning reliability and use to-do lists company-wide with Lotus Notes & Domino.
unitop ERP Trade
The industry solution for wholesale and distance selling
The industry solution for wholesale and distance selling unitop ERP Handel for multichannel, mail order and technical wholesale is a holistic merchandise management software that seamlessly maps the industry-specific requirements of a medium-sized retail company. Optimize your sales strategy, inventory management and customer relationship management. The processing of complaints or damaged goods can be mapped as well as the controlling of framework agreements.
DOCUNIZE™ – Template Management System for Microsoft Office Templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for Microsoft Office templates and Outlook signatures. DOCUNIZE allows central integration of new templates and central maintenance of existing ones. So all employees, no matter in which subsidiary or at which location they are, automatically have access to just the current, approved templates. Accordingly, the product ensures that the corporate identity is maintained and all templates are used in a legally correct way.
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