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Knowledge Management includes the tasks of managing knowledge or managing unstructured data such as texts, books, newspaper articles, student papers or manuals. Here, ordering schemes, metadata, rules and properties, context of the document contents are used to access the knowledge. The goal is to make existing information available to employees as the overall knowledge of the company. Artificial intelligence methods are often used in this process.

In addition to knowledge management software, you will also find software for innovation management, information management, DMS, mind mapping, archiving solutions, process documentation, idea management or complaint management.

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TeimData knowledge base & error database "Simply one Tool"
TeimData knowledge base & error database Simply one Tool With TeimData, the functionality follows your proven or defined processes, regardless of the industry. The continuous screening of errors and processes is one of the most important aspects for a successful company and its sustainability. Based on this information, processes, products and the organisation can be made sustainable and successful. TeimData supports the constant transfer of knowledge through standardised processes. Efficiency, like the success of a company, no longer depends on innovative strength alone ...
the specialist for electronic instructions
the specialist for electronic instructions KiTrainer, the complete solution for electronic instruction and learning management, perfectly supports companies and organizations in electronic instruction. The software is a management system that organizes, conducts, monitors and documents all instruction in a legally compliant manner. It is suitable for online training and instruction for own employees and external persons and can be linked to an access management system.
Drupal Wiki
The software for knowledge & quality management
The software for knowledge & quality management Drupal Wiki impresses with its ease of use and simple way of storing knowledge. SMEs as well as large companies and public institutions can use Drupal Wiki to quickly and easily collect, store and manage the explicit knowledge of their employees. Employees can access relevant data globally from anywhere and at any time - location networking made easy with Drupal Wiki! All users can quickly find their way around thanks to the user-friendly interface.
The software for quality and process management in your company
The software for quality and process management in your company viflow is a process modeling software based on Microsoft® Visio that is intuitive to use thanks to its clearly structured user interface and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions. Process graphics and information created with viflow can be published as a WebModel on the Internet/intranet and viewed on desktop, tablet or smartphone. In addition to process modeling, viflow offers add-ons for task management, DMS and analysis. Furthermore, viflow scores with a multilingual program interface as well as free technical support.
anaptis Status Lights
Work more intuitively with the traffic light for documents for MS Dynamics 365
The anaptis Status Lights is a document status add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Like a traffic light, it distinguishes three status options for documents: red for a document that is still open, yellow for documents with pending approval and green for approved documents. The add-on is based on the assumption that our sense of sight plays the most dominant role in information search and can pick up information very quickly.
Software for the organization of seminars & events
Software for the organization of seminars & events With simplyOrg, you can plan, organize and promote your seminars quickly and cost-effectively. After a successful execution of your seminar series, trainings or advanced trainings, they can be conveniently evaluated with the use of the powerful all-in-one solution. The modern range of functions gives you valuable support in all planning phases and helps you to guarantee the desired quality of your event organization. Multilingualism, cloud-based, central data access, role/rights system for different users of the software, numerous standard interfaces and an easy-to-use user interface make working with simplyOrg as secure as it is easy.
rexx HR - 360°-Feedback
360° Feedback software for effective talent management
360° Feedback software for effective talent management Self-assessment, assessment by the supervisor and assessment by the team - by overlaying the feedback from different sources: with rexx 360° Feedback you get a much more objective assessment of an employee. With informative diagrams, you generate a quick overview of deviations and agreements. The comparison of the self-assessment with the external assessment forms the foundation for the further development of an employee. Talent Management Software of the latest generation.
easySoft Competence
Software for education management and personnel development
Software for education management and personnel development Knowledge is power - also in your company. Promote employee knowledge in a targeted manner by quickly identifying all skills with easySoft Competence 5 and providing your workforce with targeted training and qualifications. Why always look externally for suitable specialists?...
EcholoN Service Management Suite
Knowledgebase and the increase of the first solution rate
Knowledgebase and the increase of the first solution rate The integrated knowledgebase enables you to find solutions quickly and easily. Thus, answers can already be given during the first contact. After a query has been solved, it is closed and the solution is already available as knowledge. This knowledge in the EcholoN Knowledgebase (unmaintained and maintained knowledge) allows you and your work team to efficiently find solutions for common, recurring or even difficult problems.
rexx HR - Talent Management
Talent management: skills management, seminar management, employee appraisal and much more
Talent management: skills management, seminar management, employee appraisal and much more rexx HR - Talent Management is a tool that supports you in all phases of personnel development and provides the right advice at any time based on solid data. rexx HR offers you everything you need for successful and modern talent management. It includes options for your talent, skill, seminar, performance and applicant management. With rexx HR - Talent Management you optimize and manage employee reviews and target agreements. You can create your job and succession plans easily and quickly ...
co_suite - Qualitäts-/ Risikomanagement, CAPA, Beschwerde, Dokumente, Ideen
Turning knowledge into profit
Turning knowledge into profit Knowledge sets the base for efficient business processes, quality and therefore profitability! For an efficient collaboration with targeted and tailored distribution of information apply the suite of C.O.S. We are your experienced and reliable partner for a holistic, auditable and norm-compliant quality management system and all related modules.
eLearning course software and learning platform
eLearning course software and learning platform teachNOW! is a powerful e-learning system that allows you to make your knowledge available in the form of online courses and training in your own learning platform. teachNOW! is a field-proven solution for individual needs in the professional sector. The platform offers limitless design possibilities while focusing on ease of use and a secure database concept.
Cegid Talentsoft
Comprehensive HR Software
Comprehensive HR Software Digitalization permeates all areas, including HR. With the cloud-based software solution from Cegid Talentsoft, your HR department can also make the leap into the digital age. In the Full Suite, HR managers control the entire cycle of employees in the company via just one application, from recruiting to training to compensation. Thanks to continuous and efficient interactions, Cegid Talentsoft guarantees optimal candidate retention as early as the application process. Through a central portal, employees have access to their digital personnel file with all data related to their employment with the company ...
target Idea Management for use with SAP
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution Unique worldwide: Software for idea and innovation management with SAP technology Use the creative potential in your team with target software for efficient idea and innovation management. Thanks to the direct use of SAP data and technology, our software offers the best solution for SAP systems worldwide.
Digitales Lean Management
What is everlean? everlean helps companies to continuously become even better., Everyone in the company can easily document ideas or hints. Be it a suggestion to improve a process to save a lot of time and money or just the hint that a light bulb needs to be changed - nothing gets lost anymore., Thanks to the transparent presentation of ideas, everyone knows immediately what has been submitted and, above all, what has already been implemented. No one has to wait long for feedback and communication is greatly simplified ...
the professional instruction system from secova
the professional instruction system from secova With sam* you can perfect your operational training, instruction and safety briefings. Use the technologically leading instruction system from secova to simplify and optimize your operational instruction system. With the software, you fulfill all regulations according to §12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, BGV A1, BGR A1 or in the area of classic personnel development. sam* enables you to ideally fulfill your duties and requirements according to BGV A1 and BGR A1 ...
Cornerstone Learning
Create a culture of learning and development
Create a culture of learning and development With Cornerstone, the leading learning solution, your organization is ready for change. Your employees can continue to build their skills using the Cornerstone learning management system. eLearning management means you deliver classroom training, virtual courses, exams, certifications, and compliance content for employee training and development from one centralized solution.
Doxis Intelligent Content Automation
A new era of content understanding
A new era of content understanding The AI-powered platform Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is the next level of enterprise content management: It bridges and automates content across your ecosystem to create a 360° view of business.
Perpustakaan - library software
For school library, learning resource management, public library, and law office.
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