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What is everlean?

  • everlean helps companies to continuously become even better.
  • Everyone in the company can easily document ideas or hints. Be it a suggestion to improve a process to save a lot of time and money or just the hint that a light bulb needs to be changed - nothing gets lost anymore.
  • Thanks to the transparent presentation of ideas, everyone knows immediately what has been submitted and, above all, what has already been implemented. No one has to wait long for feedback and communication is greatly simplified.

How is everlean structured?

The App

  • Easily submit suggestions and notes with the app (PC, smartphone, tablet).
  • Everything is automatically sent to the digital board and the database.

The digital board

The status of the cards ("open", "in progress", "completed") can be viewed and "simple" ideas are discussed in the TeamMeeting in front of the board.

The database

  • Team leaders can filter submissions according to various criteria or evaluate KPIs.
  • The lists can be exported to Excel.
  • A responsible person can export "complex" ideas as .pdf and forward them for evaluation, e.g. to Controlling.

How does the process work?

  • Ideas, hints, suggestions (generally referred to as ideas in the following) are submitted via app.
  • Everything ends up as a card on the digital board and is thus visible. In addition, everything is also stored in the database, which can only be accessed via login.
  • There are three statuses on the digital board: "open," "in progress," and "completed." All cards initially appear under "open".
  • Each team has its own digital board where the cards from that team appear. However, since you can easily switch between boards, all teams can theoretically use the same screen (though not at the same time).
  • Each team meets in certain intervals (e.g. once a week) shortly before its digital board under moderation of the team leader to the team meeting and discusses together the maps on the board, which are marked as "simple":
    • 1. what new cards are there (appear under "open")?
    • 2. should the new cards go into processing or are they rejected if necessary?
  • If rejected there should be direct feedback and the team leader should write a reason in the comment field. This way the step is also comprehensible for others.
  • If taken in process, it should be discussed who will do what until when (team leader creates sub-task) 3. What about the cards that are "in process"? Have the sub-tasks been completed? Can the card be pushed into "completed"?
  • "Complex" ideas cannot be discussed and implemented quickly in the team and are managed by a central responsible person in the database. For example, the responsible person has the option of forwarding the ideas as a .pdf to Controlling so that they can perform a cost-benefit calculation, or they could print out the idea and discuss it in a panel with other department representatives and experts. Interim statuses and results of the evaluation can be documented as comments on the everlean map.
  • Finally, implemented ideas are displayed on the digital board under "completed". If it gets too crowded there over time, individual cards can be hidden from there and are automatically archived in the database.

Target groups:

  • especially manufacturing companies between 50 and 15,000 employees, in the departments of production, logistics
  • in all companies in administrative departments
  • in call centers
  • for hotels
  • for delivery services


The software is already in use at numerous companies such as.

  • Hydac GmbH
  • Dibella GmbH
  • Bauer&Böcker GmbH
  • H+H System GmbH
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Functions (excerpt) of everlean:

Representation of process paths
Document control
Information extraction
Process documentation
Revision management
Collective editing
Search strategies
Versioning of processes
Full text search
Knowledge databases
Workflow management


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