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Legal management software - delegation, control & management of legal obligations

gutwin - the software from practitioners for practitioners. Work with gutwin in practice and benefit from the 23 years of experience that experts in environmental protection and occupational safety have put into the development of gutwin software.

gutwin - a legal management system that works in practice - and simply. Find out for yourself from users. We will be happy to put you in touch.

gutwin - law and software from a single source - at the same high level - that's what sets us apart. As a user, you benefit immensely from this.

gutwin - we continuously develop the software with commitment and pleasure, in dialog with the users and with our experience from consulting - this is a real concern for us.

gutwin - we offer the legal obligations of environmental protection and occupational safety not only for Germany and Austria, but with our partner for 170 other countries around the world!

gutwin - the gutwin software is currently used at over 900 locations in Austria and Germany. If required, we will be happy to put you in touch with users.

gutwin occupational health and safety management

gutwin - the intelligent EHS software can, for example, create operating instructions from the risk assessment with a click. With gutwin, you enter data only once - and use it in a wide variety of places. We have implemented ideas for environmental protection and occupational safety in gutwin that will surprise you.

gutwin - with the gutwin risk assessment you can easily determine and evaluate the possible hazards of workplaces or activities as well as work equipment and define and document the measures for occupational safety. The sample hazard entries make it much easier for you to carry out the risk assessment. The operating instructions are created from the risk assessment at the touch of a button.

gutwin - with gutwin hazardous substance management

you can easily determine and evaluate the potential hazards of chemical and biological hazardous substances
define risk minimization measures and personal protective equipment that affected employees must use
manage required measurements of workplace limit values and evaluate compliance
you can enter and manage the relevant safety data sheet data in the gutwin database in accordance with the requirements of the REACH Regulation and CLP
creates the current hazardous substance register from your data
automatically creates the operating instructions from the risk assessment with gutwin hazardous substance management at the touch of a button
you can also manage the application for and approval of new hazardous substances
you can assign the hazardous substances that are used in the respective systems and processes of the company.

gutwin - with gutwin machine and work equipment management, you can easily evaluate and manage work equipment in accordance with legal requirements and clearly show employees the work equipment and systems used for each system/process, as well as the associated operating instructions.

gutwin - with gutwin training and instruction management, you can plan, track and document your training courses and instructions. You can also provide and evaluate your e-learning courses.

gutwin - with gutwin accident management, you can record, analyze and report accidents and near-accidents. You can also systematically check the risk assessment, qualification and training status and evaluate accident figures according to various criteria.

Target groups:

Medium-sized and large manufacturing companies, especially in the

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metals
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Waste
  • Municipalities


The gutwin software is currently used at over 900 locations in Austria and Germany. We are happy to put you in touch with users if required. 100% of our customers recommend the gutwin software to others!

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Functions (excerpt) of gutwin:

Assessment tools
Compliance management
Data maintenance
Recording reasons
Hazard catalog
Hazardous materials management
Measures management
Measures overview
norms and standards
Risk assessment


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English, German
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Win 8
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