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Current market overview of industry software, ERP systems and solutions for industry in general. The software listed here generally includes modular ERP systems and PPS solutions for SMEs, among others. The industrial software listed can be used in various branches of industry, regardless of the sector. You will find software solutions for medium and long-term corporate planning as well as e.g. order production, supplier solutions, communication platforms and many more.

Products with customised designs and low-volume production (possibly batch size 1) continue to increase in industry. In this "Industry 4.0", machines, production facilities and storage systems communicate independently with each other. This can contribute to extraordinary process improvements. The solutions listed here will support you in this. In the SoftGuide software guide, you will find a complete list of all registered software products on this topic under the main heading Manufacturers and Industry.

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Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is a powerful and comprehensive software for recipe management. The software maps product specifications, nutritional value calculation and ingredient lists, among other things. The software is intuitive and easy to use. BESTMIX® Food offers high data security and reliability.
Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations
Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations. Solutions for more sustainability, growth and higher enterprise value...
Effective quality management for sustainable corporate success
Effective quality management for sustainable corporate success The BabtecQ CAQ software solution is suitable for meeting European and international product standards, e.g. in the metalworking, pharmaceutical or plastics industries. The implementation of customer requirements from the automotive industry to medical technology are supported by BabtecQ - across all quality-relevant company areas, regardless of which production method you use.
Legal management software - delegation, control & management of legal obligations
gutwin is a powerful software for legal management that makes your work easier thanks to its clearly structured displays. With gutwin, you as managing director/board member and supervisor have an immediate overview of the status of legal compliance throughout the company with just one click.
Maintenance software CMMS
Maintenance software for servicing, maintenance and inspection.
Maintenance software for servicing, maintenance and inspection. Maintenance software CMMS is used to plan, control and analyze maintenance, inspections and repairs. It also includes material and contractor management. The software contains all the functions required for certification of your company in accordance with DIN ISO 9000.
CS Software - Document Management
Modern Document Management
Modern Document Management Document Management dataglobal CS Document Management is not just a solution for the simple management of documents. The dataglobal Digital Workplace provides a significant improvement in collaboration throughout the company. Processes can be automated and employees have more time again for their actual and important tasks. Ensure sustainability by avoiding paper and also increase the effectiveness of your company with the introduction of intelligent document management. Your advantages Transparency and traceability through comprehensive document history ...
unitop ERP Industry
The industry solution for manufacturing companies
The industry solution for manufacturing companies The unitop ERP manufacturing industry solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is aimed at medium-sized manufacturing companies from a wide range of sectors. By networking production, design and sales, this holistic business solution ensures accurate planning and costing for efficient manufacturing.
The flexible LIMS
LABS/Q is a flexible LIMS for a wide range of industries. It can be used in the chemical industry as well as in the pharmaceutical or food industry. It supports e.g. test and measurement equipment monitoring, shelf life and stability testing, hygiene and environmental monitoring as well as complete laboratory management. Capacity and scheduling planning, documentation of training courses and warehouse management are mapped by LABS/Q® LIMS in a powerful and convenient way.
APS - Detailed Scheduling includes:
Software for optimized detailed planning and control of production
Software for optimized detailed planning and control of production The software solution APS - Detailed Scheduling is a powerful production program for linking the availability of equipment, human resources, material and tools. The software ensures optimal job scheduling and provides complete transparency for precise information to customers.
Softwarelösung zur DNC Datenübertragung (seriell, Ethernet, WLAN) und Archivierung
Softwarelösung zur DNC Datenübertragung (seriell, Ethernet, WLAN) und Archivierung WinProDNC is a software solution for professional data transmission. All types of transmission technologies (LAN, WLAN, DECT and RS232) are mapped. Special control protocols (Mazatrol CMT, Heidenhain FE/ LSV2, AGIE, Brother, Hurco, NFS, etc.) increase user comfort on the NC machine and make different DNC software solutions for individual controls superfluous.
Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry
Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry MODUS INDUSTRY is the efficient ERP software solution for all requirements of plastics and process manufacturers based on Microsoft Dynamics. The software offers a calculation tool, tool planning, machine-specific performance data for calculating set-up and throughput times, as well as quality assurance and supplier evaluation, and much more.
ProSeS - Production Monitor
Productivity, utilization and susceptibility to faults of the production machines at a gla
With the PDA module Production Monitor you get a virtual overview of the current status of your production. Production or manufacturing halls are visualized and symbols immediately show you the status of the machines. Any problems that occur can be analyzed and remedied in a timely manner. The Production Monitor is based on the respective hall plans of the production companies and is created individually for each customer.
ProSeS - Process Data Management
Process data management for monitoring and evaluation of production parameters
Monitor the process data of your production by means of the process data management and establish safe processes and generate reliable throughput times. The software conveniently manages the tolerance limits and threshold values of the setting and production parameters. It makes it possible to detect and analyze outliers. For safety-relevant items, 100% inspection and complete documentation is possible.
The business software with integrated production planning & control
The business software with integrated production planning & control PPS-IT is a comprehensive, smart ERP/PPS system for industrial companies in the high-tech manufacturing sector based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. With PPS-IT, prisma informatik offers an ERP solution that, in addition to financial accounting and merchandise management processes, also maps the PPS area, such as parts lists, production orders, procurement and capacity requirements planning.
Layered Process Audit - eLPA
Audit planning, recording of audit results, processing of findings and reports
Audit planning, recording of audit results, processing of findings and reports The Layered Process Audit - eLPA management tool is used to optimize the entire quality management process, particularly in production. All levels can be checked using the checklist procedure. Appropriate countermeasures to correct discrepancies can thus be initiated more easily and quickly.
ProSeS - DNC Administration
Enter remarks and display, copy, activate, archive setting record
The DNC Administration module provides a convenient way to manage an unlimited number of setting data sets. Setting data sheets can be easily designed and printed. Up- and downloads of the data sets are possible from any PC terminal. Incorrect entries are avoided by using the module. This results in fewer problems during plant operation.
Hexagon - Intergraph Smart® 3D
3D CAD Software
3D CAD Software Intergraph Smart® Completions unterstützt bei der Konsolidierung von Asset-Informationen sowie bei der Überprüfung der Montage, Prüfung und Leistung der gesamten Ausrüstung und Instrumente sowie von Rohrleitungen und Control System-IO-Punkten. Die Software umfasst alle notwendigen Tools, um die Integrität des Systems zu gewährleisten und Endprodukte zu liefern, die ISO-Spezifikationen und höheren Standards entsprechen.
ProSeS - Detailed Planning
Production order, plan personnel requirements and master data, manage calendar
The detailed planning software supports you with powerful features for detailed planning. Production orders are displayed as colored bars in the graphical detailed planning. Ensure on-time delivery, production efficiency, predictive resource planning, etc. Many user-friendly tools and functions are available within the graphical detailed planning.
ProSeS - PC Terminal
Add production orders conveniently and start actions - Modular PDA component
With the PDA PC terminal you have all possibilities to operate and control your PDA system centrally. Feedback from production takes place promptly. User rights can be configured as required. Security is ensured by additional logging. Use proven functions that simplify your everyday work.
Syncos MES
Software for CAQ BDE MDE MES
As one of the leading software providers of MES solutions, we develop and distribute software for medium-sized businesses. SYNCOS MES combines both production and quality management in a highly integrative system. The core competencies include: MES, BDE | MDE, CAQ. SYNCOS MES already maps a wide range of functionalities in the standard version and thereby fulfills the requirements of the VDI for a holistic MES in the sense of the VDI 5600 standard.
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