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Manufacturing Industry - current Market Overview

Current market overview of industry software, ERP systems and solutions for industry in general. The software listed here generally includes modular ERP systems and PPS solutions for SMEs, among others. The industrial software listed can be used in various branches of industry, regardless of the sector. You will find software solutions for medium and long-term corporate planning as well as e.g. order production, supplier solutions, communication platforms and many more.

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Products with customised designs and low-volume production (possibly batch size 1) continue to increase in industry. In this "Industry 4.0", machines, production facilities and storage systems communicate independently with each other. This can contribute to extraordinary process improvements. The solutions listed here will support you in this. In the SoftGuide software guide, you will find a complete list of all registered software products on this topic under the main heading Manufacturers and Industry.

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Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is a powerful and comprehensive software for recipe management. The software maps product specifications, nutritional value calculation and ingredient lists, among other things. The software is intuitive and easy to use. BESTMIX® Food offers high data security and reliability.
Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry
Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry MODUS INDUSTRY is the efficient ERP software solution for all requirements of plastics and process manufacturers based on Microsoft Dynamics. The software offers a calculation tool, tool planning, machine-specific performance data for calculating set-up and throughput times, as well as quality assurance and supplier evaluation, and much more.
The Marine CODieBOARD#supervision-center
Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!
The ship new building and claims management software CODieBOARD# supervision-center is designed to supervise all of your yard teams around the world. Be informed about every claim in real-time and be prepared for price negotiations with detailed claim lists. The maritime software handles damages and insurances cases too and is a valuable tool to stay in track in years of processing with insurance companies. The target of this software is to keep the costs and time as low as possible while it provides compelling evidences about claims, damages and warranty cases.
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