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Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry


Industry software and ERP solution for the plastics and process industry
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MODUS INDUSTRY is an innovative and forward-looking ERP software solution for the plastics and process industry based on Microsoft Dynamics. With 25 years of experience in the field of plastics and process manufacturing, MODUS Consult GmbH has developed an efficient solution that addresses all important requirements in the manufacturing industry. The software maps all processes in a bundled manner, from machine assignment and sequence planning, to setup planning, consistent batch tracking and scheduling, to machine maintenance planning. The clear display and graphical presentation allows, for example, the allocation of bottleneck machines to be optimized.

By mapping your processes across companies, locations and countries, MODUS INDUSTRY supports maximum effective planning and coordination within your company. In addition, you benefit from its high speed of innovation, investment security and complete integrability into your operating environment. MODUS INDUSTRY combines the advantages of a globally available solution with the benefits of a solution specifically tailored to the plastics or metal processing industry. The software enables automotive suppliers to manufacture according to VDA standards, OPC UA and other specifications, while complying with the strictest data security requirements. 

MODUS INDUSTRY features and highlights:

  • round robin planning
  • integrated production control station
  • calculation tool
  • workflow management
  • parameter-controlled sequence planning for setup optimization
  • end-to-end batch tracking for proof of origin and use
  • mold planning incl. cavity mapping
  • machine-specific performance data for calculating setup and throughput times
  • quality assurance and supplier evaluation
  • lot-size oriented preliminary costing

MODUS INDUSTRY - Your partner in plastics and process manufacturing for:


  • workflow management
  • time schedules
  • packaging management
  • document transfer
  • forwarding order
  • integrated converter
  • delivery call-off & JIT call-off
  • goods receipt bill
  • goods tag

Injection molding:

  • integrated production control center
  • supplier evaluation
  • quality control
  • batch tracing
  • mapping of production families
  • tool management
  • maintenance planning
  • plant integration
  • plant data collection

Deep drawing:

  • parts lists & recipes
  • production families
  • integrated production control station
  • sequence planning according to characteristics
  • batch tracking
  • tool planning
  • set-up and throughput times
  • quality assurance
  • supplier evaluation


  • parts lists & recipes
  • mapping of variants
  • integrated production control station
  • sequence planning according to characteristics
  • continuous batch tracking
  • tool planning
  • set-up and throughput times
  • quality assurance & supplier evaluation

Metal production:

  • illustration of variants
  • series, small series and one-off production
  • mapping of automotive processes
  • project management
  • pre- and post-calculation
  • graphical production planning
  • production data acquisition
  • integration of mobile scanners
  • residual quantity management
    Target groups:

    Companies in the plastics processing industry.


    A large number of customers trust MODUS PLASTICS when it comes to their most important asset - their products.

    Contact information:
    Herr Frank Balsmeier
    Herr Frank Balsmeier
    Head of Central Sales
    +49 5241 9217 157
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    Functions (excerpt) of MODUS INDUSTRY:
    Order times
    Order data
    Barcode support
    data aquisition
    Processing times
    Batch management
    Production order management
    Production control station
    Capacity planning
    Control station
    Supplier management
    Machine performance comparison
    Machine Condition Survey
    machine inspections
    Machine control
    Project Management
    Project times
    Process data tracking
    Quality control
    Quality assurance
    Setup sequence optimization
    Set-up time evaluations
    Target setup detection
    Variant management
    Maintenance time
    Tool management
    Workflow management
    on request
    Individually depending on project scope

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    Technical specifications:
    SaaS, Cloud:
    Multi-user (network-compatible):
    Multi-client compatible:
    for a fee
    Manufacturer based in:
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    Installation support:
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    Manual, Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
    Dialogue language(s):
    English, German
    System requirements:
    Compatible operating systems (runs with):
    Win 11
    Win 10
    Win 8
    Win 7
    Win Server
    Mainframe based
    Unix based
    Linux based
    Mac OS
    Mobile OSs (supports):
    Old Compatible Operating Systems:
    Win Vista
    Win XP
    Win Phone / Mobile
    data storage medium:
    Flash memory