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Compare software for the furniture industry and wood processing in this market overview. The software usually includes the typical work processes with modules for CRM, capacity planning with simulation, order planning, project planning and scheduling. Depending on the program, it offers, among other things, CAD solutions for interior design, store fitting, exhibition stand construction with the possibility of visualizing 3D objects and often development and application systems for model development.

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WASP wood logistics solution for forestry, timber and agriculture industry
WASP wood logistics solution for forestry, timber and agriculture industry With the web-based WASP timber logistics solution, the logistics chain in timber, forestry and agriculture can be optimized. The basic application is supplemented by chipper and route management systems, deployment management tools and much more. In addition, thanks to the WASP energy wood exchange, suppliers and buyers of residual wood are brought together so that the valuable biomass can be used efficiently.
SolidWorks 2020
SolidWorks is a 3D design solution that gives you the software tools you need for mechanical design, product data management, design review and simulation, and technical communication. It includes integrated design tools, simulation, cost analysis, rendering, animation, and product data management - including industry-leading parts, assemblies, and drawing capabilities ...
CNC programming from batch size 1
CNC programming from batch size 1 With COBUS NCAD you can quickly and efficiently generate CNC programs for your machines. The software is intuitive to use and quick to learn. It offers, among other things, graphical machining macros for dialog-guided CNC programming, a placement manager, automatic suction cup and clamp positioning, nesting, 3D simulation and edge processing and gluing. Flexible macro libraries allow users to create and extend recurring or similar tasks themselves. Drawings can be added to the inventory.
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