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Learning software enables multimedia learning and teaching via electronic or digital media. Companies can use modern learning software to train and further educate employees, usually at low cost. This is often necessary because the demands on companies with regard to quality assurance, legal requirements and knowledge transfer are constantly increasing. Further education institutions and universities are also increasingly working with e-learning or computer-based training (CBT) or web-based training (WBT). An important advantage of e-learning is that in-company CET or training courses in general can also be completed e.g. in the home office. The digital form of CET also makes learning more efficient for the company and for the employees.

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There are different variants of eLearning with more or less specialised software. Typical forms of eLearning are e.g. self-learning courses, webinars, video conferences (teleteaching), simulations, serious games and mobile learning. In addition, authoring systems, editing systems, seminar software, training and course administration as well as instruction systems are counted among forms of online-based learning. Learning management systems (LMS) or learning content management systems (LCMS) are used for administration and communication between tutors and participants. Authoring systems can be used to create learning content for both computer-based and web-based work. Advanced web-based training conveys learning content via a web server using the internet or intranet. Mobile offerings are also available from the cloud or as software as a service.

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Cornerstone Learning
Create a culture of learning and development
Create a culture of learning and development With Cornerstone Learning Software, organizations can reliably meet compliance requirements, improve employee performance, motivate the entire workforce, and support business goals. eLearning Management: Deliver classroom training, virtual courses, exams, certifications, and compliance content for employee training and development from one centralized solution. With Cornerstone Mobile, employees can access learning content (CBT, WBT) and use the courses online or offline on their smartphones and tablet devices.
Cornerstone Learning for Extended Enterprise
Deploy learning software for training (CBT, WBT) and activate the network.
Deploy learning software for training (CBT, WBT) and activate the network. Improve product knowledge through training and increase revenue quickly and measurably with Cornerstone Learning for Extended Enterprise. Enable end users to easily discover a variety of courses, content, and training programs (CBT, WBT) to educate themselves on your business, the products you offer, or the services you provide. Develop an effective training profit generation program to identify revenue streams for your business.
Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS)
Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS) The learning content management System AcademyMaker includes all important features to create, manage, offer and evaluate e-learning units in no time. The web-based complete solution is composed of modules. It consists of the LMS, the authoring system with integrated document management system as well as a seminar administration and a webinar module. In addition to desktops, AcademyMaker can also be used with mobile devices and on all common platforms.
eLearning course software and learning platform
eLearning course software and learning platform teachNOW! is a parameterizable eLearning course software and learning platform (CBT, WBT) that offers you extraordinary flexibility combined with high performance. With teachNOW! you can operate your own eLearning platform. The integrated template system offers you unlimited design possibilities. Use the extensive eLearning tools to run your courses as efficiently and time-saving as possible in the World Wide Web.
sycat eLU
The all-in-one eLearning solution for companies
The all-in-one eLearning solution for companies The standard LMS sycat eLU is quickly implemented and easy to use. Learning is also a motivating experience for everyone thanks to an intuitively operable interface. With sycat eLU you can organize instructions, further education and training programs for your employees or briefings for suppliers, visitors and external employees in no time. With the integrated authoring tool you can easily create your own learning content. This way you can turn your PowerPoint into a whole course in minutes.
TCmanager® LMS
Versatile Learning Management System with broad Training Administration
Versatile Learning Management System with broad Training Administration TCmanager® LMS is the versatile and flexible learning management system with individual learning portals, eLearning platform, qualification module and powerful seminar administration. The learning platform is adapted to your corporate design with individual function packages or is available as a standardised learning portal for quick implementation. TCmanager® is established in academies and human resources development in medium-sized companies and international corporations.
the specialist for electronic instructions
the specialist for electronic instructions KiTrainer, the complete solution for electronic instruction and learning management, perfectly supports companies and organizations in electronic instruction. The software is a management system that organizes, conducts, monitors and documents all instruction in a legally compliant manner. It is suitable for online training and instruction for own employees and external persons and can be linked to an access management system.
Quentic (The leading software for EHSQ & ESG management)
Digitize your EHSQ and ESG management with Quentic.
Digitize your EHSQ and ESG management with Quentic. Quentic software strengthens EHSQ and ESG management. The platform comprises ten modules in the areas of Health & Safety, Incidents & Observations, Risks & Audits, Hazardous Chemicals, Control of Work, Legal Compliance, Online Instructions, Processes, Environmental Management, and Sustainability. The modular, web-based system fully supports you in your day-to-day routine, as well as with long-term projects. Quentic improves work processes in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.
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