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Learning Software, Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based-Training (WBT) - current market overview

Learning software enables multimedia learning and teaching via electronic or digital media. Companies can use modern learning software to train and further educate employees, usually at low cost. This is often necessary because the demands on companies with regard to quality assurance, legal requirements and knowledge transfer are constantly increasing. Further education institutions and universities are also increasingly working with e-learning or computer-based training (CBT) or web-based training (WBT). An important advantage of e-learning is that in-company CET or training courses in general can also be completed e.g. in the home office. The digital form of CET also makes learning more efficient for the company and for the employees.

There are different variants of eLearning with more or less specialised software. Typical forms of eLearning are e.g. self-learning courses, webinars, video conferences (teleteaching), simulations, serious games and mobile learning. In addition, authoring systems, editing systems, seminar software, training and course administration as well as instruction systems are counted among forms of online-based learning. Learning management systems (LMS) or learning content management systems (LCMS) are used for administration and communication between tutors and participants. Authoring systems can be used to create learning content for both computer-based and web-based work. Advanced web-based training conveys learning content via a web server using the internet or intranet. Mobile offerings are also available from the cloud or as software as a service.

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Quentic – Leading Software for EHS and Sustainability Management
Quentic – Leading health & safety, environmental and sustainability management software
Quentic – Leading health & safety, environmental and sustainability management software
Quentic is your one-stop software solution for EHS and sustainability. The modular, web-based system fully supports you in your day-to-day routine, as well as with long-term projects. Quentic improves work processes in the company and provides professional guidance with various software modules. Pick and choose to build your customized tool and optimize your management systems by doing so. Quentic is also suitable for your management system according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.
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