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Learning software supports you in systematically acquiring knowledge in a certain area with the help of a computer, e.g. via a dialog or set tasks. Typical forms of learning software are exercise programs (e.g. for vocabulary) or tutorials (training software) for specific subject areas. The interactivity of learning software makes it possible to convey knowledge in a way that is specially adapted to the user group and facilitates the absorption or learning of the content presented through the experience-oriented preparation. Learning offers that consist of short units and can also be accessed via mobile devices are particularly efficient. This is where e-learning systems are often used.

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Cornerstone Learning
Create a culture of learning and development
Create a culture of learning and development The innovative and powerful Cornerstone Learning Management System provides organizations with a system for continuing education and skills development. Promote effective learning with automated assignments, comprehensive completion logs, version control and auditing, and multiple languages. Many different formats are available in the learning software. Comprehensive analytics support the learning process.
Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS)
Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS) AcademyMaker is a modern learning software - Learning Content Management System (LCMS). The 100% web-based complete solution, consisting of LMS and authoring system with integrated document management system, is scalable to your requirements. Additionally available are modules for the organization of classroom events and live trainings. With AcademyManager you have the possibility to manage blended learning scenarios.
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