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Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS)

Version:  4.5

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All-in-one solution

AcademyMaker is a new combination of learning management system (LMS), authoring system and document management system (DMS). This combination is also called learning content management system (LCMS).

In practice, this means that AcademyMaker offers all functions you need to create, manage, deliver and evaluate e-learning units and online trainings under one easy-to-use interface. Here, AcademyMaker also offers extensive options for conducting tests/exams and surveys as well as automatic certification.

Blended learning functionality

The optional module "AcademyManager" allows you to easily manage your classroom trainings and event series. Here you can store all relevant information such as date, time, trainer and event location. In addition, classroom training sessions can be combined with online training sessions to form blended learning projects with a fixed learning path.

Innovative project management

With the help of the project management in AcademyMaker, you can combine online trainings and face-to-face seminars into projects and present them in a clear learning path. This way, trainings can be run through in a predefined order, or individual trainings can only be available when the prerequisite has been met. Of course, you also receive meaningful real-time statistics for all relevant processes in your projects.

Mobile usability  

The use of e-learning on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, is becoming increasingly important. AcademyMaker's mobile learning interface was developed specifically for use on tablets and features a high level of user-friendliness thanks to display and control elements optimized for specific use.

Purely web-based solution

AcademyMaker is a purely web-based system that can be run on any internet-enabled platform (PC, Mac, Apple iPhone) with all common internet browsers. This applies not only to the training participants, but also to all other users such as administrators, authors, etc..

This also ensures problem-free collaboration between distributed teams with different IT equipment. The integrated rights system ensures that each person can only access the information that is intended for them.

Intuitive operability

During the development of AcademyMaker, emphasis was placed on the fact that all functions can be used right away even by non-IT experts with normal Internet user knowledge. The design of all functions was based on generally known methods and was designed very consistently.

The average training time for authors and administrators in all functions is therefore less than half a working day!

Extremely short production times

As a system of the latest generation, the development of AcademyMaker was based on the rapid e-learning approach. In contrast to the conventional, lengthy creation of web-based training (WBT), AcademyMaker allows a complete training to be created and made available to participants within just a few hours.

The system is so consequently focused on the fast production of trainings that a new term has been created for it: Instant e-learning.

Optimal cost-benefit ratio

For organizations that want to start their first e-learning projects as well as for those switching from other systems or manual creation of e-learning units, AcademyMaker offers excellent conditions for saving financial and human resources.

Integration into existing solutions

Since e-learning is rarely an isolated solution, we are of course well prepared to integrate AcademyMaker into your existing software systems (such as your intranet or commerce portal), which is completely unproblematic due to the open, modular structure.

You decide which type of interface is used for the connection. From simple integration into a portal interface including design adaptation to synchronization of different user administrations and single sign-on mechanism, all variants are conceivable.

If you are currently planning a new web-based software solution (such as a portal for your trading partners or promoters) in which online training is to play a role, as a full service provider we can also deliver the entire project to you on a turnkey basis. In this way, you receive everything from a single source, gain security and reduce your expenses and the capital to be invested.

Use of existing materials

One of the great strengths of AcademyMaker is the smooth integration of existing materials such as PowerPoint presentations, Flash animations, videos, images and much more.

Basically, you can use all electronic documents for the creation of trainings in AcademyMaker; either for direct viewing in the participant interface or as an attachment for download. The integration is done very easily by mouse click via the integrated media center, which also takes care of the management of used documents.


The standard version of AcademyMaker is delivered in German and English. You can make a language selection for the entire system as well as for individual participants or trainings.

Further languages are optionally available. You can decide whether the language selection is only available for the participant view or for the entire system.

Individual solutions possible

Even though the standard functional scope of AcademyMaker is completely sufficient for many companies and application purposes, there are of course some customers and projects that require individual adaptations and extensions.

As a solution provider, we are well prepared to complement AcademyMaker according to your ideas and needs.

The modular structure of the system as well as the open software architecture under J2EE facilitate the creation or modification of functions. Regardless of whether a specific selection of templates is created, additional statistics are implemented or completely new functionalities are created.

The support provided by our project managers and consultants is of course just as individual and professional as you would expect from us in a "normal" software project.

Flexible licensing models and financing

To give you the best possible scope in terms of budget and tax, we offer a variety of financing options with direct purchase, rental (application service providing) and leasing (together with our partner Grenkeleasing).

Each type of financing can be combined with different license models depending on the type and scope of your use. In any case, the following applies: There are only completely transparent pricing models with clearly calculable total costs without hidden fees per user, data volume or the like.

Multi-client capability

For organizations with different divisions, subsidiaries or country organizations it can be interesting to use more than one AcademyMaker system (e.g. because certain units should be kept completely self-sufficient). For these cases you can simply add additional clients, which can be managed centrally by a superior administrator. The individual subsystems are independent in every respect from the point of view of their administrators, authors and participants.


AcademyMaker grows with the requirements of your projects. You can upgrade any license variant to a higher license variant at any time and/or adapt the technical performance of the system (hosting) to the number of your participants and their usage intensity. Furthermore, it is possible to book additional Online Academies within a client license at any time. This allows you to serve any number of target groups (e.g. customers, employees, trading partners, etc.) with a single system and an individual approach on the login page and web platform.

Request an online presentation and/or demo access now to learn even more about how AcademyMaker can support your success.

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Target groups:

Since AcademyMaker® is designed to be completely media-neutral, there are no restrictions regarding the possible purposes and target groups. Therefore, only the most common target groups (for learning units) are mentioned below:

  • employees
  • field service
  • customers
  • dealers
  • partners
  • exhibition teams
  • promotion teams
  • applicants
  • members (of parties/associations etc.)
  • experts
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