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In this SoftGuide section, you will find general other "standard software" that can often be used across functions. However, there are also solutions that have been developed for a narrowly defined standard operational situation. Flexible and sometimes extensive standard systems are listed in this section. On the basis of the standardized program presentations, you can check and evaluate whether the system requirements and technical details necessary for you are met.

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Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS)
Intuitive learning management system with integrated authoring system (LCMS) AcademyMaker is a powerful and intuitive combination of Learning Management System (LMS), Authoring System and Document Management System (DMS). The Learning Content Management System is a complete solution for trainings, webinars, face-to-face events and much more. Everything can be learned within a very short time and any organizational structures can be mapped. With the iOS app, your target groups can also go through training offline, i.e. without an Internet connection.
door2parts - Ersatzteilkatalog, eCommerce und Shop Lösung
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog door2parts is the software for the interactive spare parts catalog including variant resolution. The data is taken from interfaces (ERP, PLM / PDM, CAD, for example SAP), integrated into the system and interactively rendered on a user-friendly interface without any additional applications or plug-ins. Above all, door2parts is characterized by its complete eCommerce functionality, ease of use and individual customization options.
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