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Die perfekte Projektzeiterfassung für Teams. Projektcontrolling leicht gemacht.


Die perfekte Projektzeiterfassung für Teams. Projektcontrolling leicht gemacht.

Version:  9

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Project time recording not only for engineering offices

Xpert-Timer has established itself on the market over 16 years. Mainly engineering offices rely on the project time recording, but also many other industries, such as restaurateurs, consultants or service providers who calculate and bill on an hourly basis, use the software successfully.

The project time tracking can be installed in the company, or in the single user version also hosted for you by Xpert-Timer Software. To do so, please send a request to the manufacturer. 

In recent interviews with users, it was found that the main function of Xpert-Timer in companies is internal activity recording for future costing of projects. This is directly followed by the billing of services and the billing of activities planned in addition to the original projects. 

The acceptance of the software is high among the employees and the training period is very short. The project structure for recording project times is usually specified by the project manager, so employees simply select the project and start it in terms of time.

The recording levels in Xpert-Timer can be represented as follows:

  • Customer
  • Main project
  • Subproject
  • Task

While tasks are handled by individual employees, teams of employees can post to sub-projects or even main projects simultaneously.

The floating timeline saves space

The floating timeline on the desktop simplifies the recording of project times immensely. The colored, approx. 25 pixel high bar at the top of the screen not only shows the currently running project, but also offers the possibility to choose from several totals in the display and conveniently switch to another project. To record the project times you basically only need this bar.

Data storage / License

All recorded data of the project time recording remain in your company. A web solution or cloud storage is also possible, but must be requested from the provider. The software can also be used in a private cloud. This means that all recorded data remains in your company and is not stored on external servers. When you purchase Xpert-Timer, you receive a perpetual license for the purchased version. 

Included modules

In the simplest version, Xpert-Timer includes the modules "Project time recording", "Activity recording", "Task list", "History entries", "Customer management", "Reminders", "Price lists", "Booking archives" and the "Evaluation". This means that many requirements for time recording in the company can already be mapped. In the configuration of the project time recording, you can switch off the modules that are not required, so that the interface of the software remains slim.

The included customer management can be used as a small CRM system. Phone calls with customers can be documented by notes, customers can be categorized and also customer satisfaction can be recorded. Each employee has access to the entries of colleagues.

The task list integrated in the project time recording helps to organize and structure the daily workflow. Tasks can be created for the employee himself or for colleagues and can be given different task statuses. Each task can be timed by start/stop button and is always related to a project/order of the project time recording. Numerous filters and grouping options of the recorded data are available for evaluation and controlling. The data can be retrieved via REST interface, or simply exported via .csv. A traditional .dll interface is also available.

Project time tracking for Android

Xpert-Timer is also available for Android devices in the Google Play Store under "Xpert-Timer Mobile". The Android app can be used independently from Xpert-Timer for Windows or the data can be exchanged with the central Windows database via the additional module "Synchronization". This makes it possible for employees to record project times on the go and synchronize them with the database in the company at the touch of a button.

Xpert-Timer in the Cloud

If you work decentrally or have employees in a home office, you can use the Xpert-Timer Web variant for the browser. This allows you to conveniently record project times. The application, installed as a PWA (Progressive Web App), is clearly laid out and recording times is very easy for the user. The recorded data remains stored in your company. 

Further details

Further details on the individual modules can be found on the website



Target groups:

Xpert-Timer is perfect for all businesses. From startups to global players. You can configure the software to your needs. 


Know How AG

Know How AG is a leading German e-learning provider. For over 20 years the company has been dedicated to learning and continuing education. The focus is always on people with their individual needs and their very personal knowledge. Know How AG has been using our Xpert-Timer since 2011 with almost 100 employees for project-related time recording and evaluation.

Rogator - market research & software

For over twelve years, Rogator has stood for competence, professionalism and high-quality software products. Thanks to the experience gained from many hundreds of online surveys and the development of their own software products, they are now one of the most renowned providers in the field of online market research. To keep track of the different customer projects, 26 employees of the company have been using our Xpert-Timer since 2014.

K3 Innovationen GmbH

K3 Innovationen GmbH delivers custom-fit IT solutions - individually tailored to companies. Whether it's solutions from the media and publishing world, intranet solutions or hosting solutions. The company has been using 13 licenses of Xpert-Timer since 2011 for cost control and post-calculation of completed projects.

Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH

Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH has been offering intelligent solutions in the planning and execution of electrotechnical systems for over 50 years. Since 2011, our Xpert-Timer has been used by 25 employees for project-related time recording.

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Functions (excerpt) of Xpert-Timer:

Accounting of different time models
Absence management
Address management
quotation management
Quotation system
Worktime triggers
Working time recording
Working time corrections
Working time models
Working time management
Article, customer and invoice numbers
Task management
Order times
Order processing
Order data
Order management
Processing times
Notification system
User management
Report management
project groups
Controlling functions
Display of personnel attendance overviews
Print function
E-mail invoice dispatch
Excel import
Export functions
Booking absenteeism
Absenteeism statistics
Holiday management
Progress Tracking
Import functions
Calendar and appointment management
Calendar functions
Contact management
Cost recording
Customer data
Customer history
Customer management
Management evaluations
Minimum working time and daily target
Mobile time recording
Multi-project controlling
Offline time recording
Break detection
Break times
Personnel management
Project evaluations
Project budgeting
Project controlling
Project data acquisition
Project documentation
Project invoicing
Project Management
Project planning
Project templates
Project timing
Project time recording
Smoking break problem
Remote access
Status Reporting
Status monitoring
Hourly rate management
Overtime calculations
Leave requests and approvals
Vacation management
Time accounting rules
Time bookings
access controls


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