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Project-related working time tracking is particularly important for project controlling and project accounting and enables the evaluation of projects with regard to economic efficiency. Software-supported project time recording enables companies to easily account for project hours as part of project management. In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software for project time recording. The solutions listed in this section support the project management as well as members of the project team with time recording within the scope of a project - mostly also including travel expense accounting and document management for project documentation. Many of the solutions presented here also offer the option of mobile project time recording, for example via smartphones.

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Time Tracking and Automatic Scheduling for Companies
Time Tracking and Automatic Scheduling for Companies Thanks to TimeTrack Enterprise software, project time recording is not only very easy and transparent, but also makes it possible to effectively monitor and account for individual projects. This in turn leads to a significantly more efficient way of working and simplified data management.
Die perfekte Projektzeiterfassung für Teams. Projektcontrolling leicht gemacht.
Die perfekte Projektzeiterfassung für Teams. Projektcontrolling leicht gemacht. Xpert-Timer Pro is the flagship of Xpert-Timer Software. In addition to pure time recording, the program developed in Germany, already contains comprehensive customer management, an activity history, a reminder module and a task list - in other words, all components for efficient project management. Optionally available are further additional modules such as billing (offers, invoices, payment reminders), document management, CTI telephony module and service recording. Its more than 2.000 customers include IT service providers, craft businesses and engineering companies.
FLINTEC IT - mobile time recording via app
Software for recording staff and order time via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch
Software for recording staff and order time via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch As a specialist for mobile time recording, FLINTEC IT GmbH offers a high-quality application with mobile time recording via app, which guarantees mobility and flexibility. Thereby, time recording is possible in different languages and in the corporate design of your company. The booking of working time, project time and location is easily done via smartphone or tablet.
Time Tracking for Projects & Employees
Time Tracking for Projects & Employees ZEP & ZEP Clock are modular software solutions for digital working time recording and much more. ZEP offers you numerous additional functions around overtime, vacation, project planning, travel cost management, invoicing and much more, depending on your individual needs. ZEP Clock is the more streamlined solution for pure working time recording and is also expandable. Depending on the solution, you can use ZEP or ZEP Clock for as little as 10€ or 2€ per user per month ...
Makes application development faster, more individual and cheaper.
Makes application development faster, more individual and cheaper. The brixxbox project time recording software makes it easy to systematically record project times. Benefit from a flexible, lean and yet powerful solution. With the brixxbox project time recording software, you always have an overview of the project times worked.
One software for all business processes
One software for all business processes projectfacts is a web-based project time recording for SMEs that helps you manage your projects quickly and efficiently. Record and book working hours quickly, easily and reliably with projectfacts.
PLANTA pulse
Agile Project Management and Transparency in Team Work
Agile Project Management and Transparency in Team Work The recorded project times flow synchronously into the project planning and the work progress is immediately visible, reports at the push of a button facilitate the monitoring through current status reports with comments of the employees on remaining efforts, if required.
FLINTEC IT - Mobile Project Time Recording
Recording of staff time and project time via Flintec App
Recording of staff time and project time via Flintec App With the project time recording module, personnel and project time is recorded via Android app or iOS app. Project data is recorded in real time in online or offline mode. The digitization of project data recording leads to simpler administration and transparent billing of projects.
Syncos MES
Software for CAQ BDE MDE MES
SYNCOS MES combines both production and quality management in a highly integrative system. The highlight of Syncos MES is the central knowledge base. Instead of distributed islands of information in different applications, there is a central data pool. This finally eliminates friction losses caused by laborious synchronization of different databases and modules.
PLANTA project - Agile and Classical Project Management
Agile, classical and hybrid Multi-Project Management
Agile, classical and hybrid Multi-Project Management PLANTA project lets you keep a perfect overview of dates, resources and costs of your projects. Plan and control your projects systematically and you are always up to date with regard to the current project status.
Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
Time tracking software that is fun to use
Time tracking software that is fun to use timr is the online time recording solution for all industries and especially suitable for SMEs. Employees record attendance and absence, sick leave or time off. The hours and vacation account is managed automatically. Project times can be recorded with the stopwatch function and already accounted for at the end of the day. In the central time recording account you have all employees under one roof.
Software for time recording, duty roster design and project and activity recording
Software for time recording, duty roster design and project and activity recording Time tracking - simple and user-friendly with ClickTime. A few clicks and working times and absences are recorded and you can easily and quickly print out your desired monthly report. Monitor your projects and project times and easily plan the assignments of your employees. ClickTime is a web-based application that only requires browser access to work effectively.
Simple recording of project times
Simple recording of project times Project hours often ensure the success or failure of projects. Effort and yield are controlled by recording the hours. With PROJEKTA you get an overview and transparency of performed and still open hours of the project. The combination of tasks and project achievements secures the task list. Here hours are noted quickly and easily and contents are documented directly. Recorded times are taken into account in invoicing as well as in the linked reporting. This means that data is only entered once and there is no additional work involved in invoicing services. The recording is always independent of time and location, so that information is always available for the project.
Web-based time recording solutions for companies of all sizes and industries
Web-based time recording solutions for companies of all sizes and industries The web-based time recording for companies for working time recording, project time recording and vacation management.
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What is project time tracking

Project time tracking refers to the process of recording, documenting and analyzing the time spent on completing projects. Project time tracking typically involves recording hours spent by team members or employees on specific tasks within projects. This can be done at various levels, from individual task tracking to recording total times for an entire project.

Project time tracking can be done manually, for example by filling out time tracking spreadsheets, or automatically using specialized software solutions for project time tracking.

Who uses software for project time tracking?

The use of project time tracking software is widespread in various industries (construction, services, agencies, tradespeople, etc.). Companies of all sizes can use such software solutions to effectively track the working hours of their employees, the progress of projects and resource utilization. The use of project time tracking software can also be useful for freelancers, small start-ups or micro-enterprises.

Typically, project managers, team leaders and HR departments use this software to get an accurate overview of the time spent and the associated costs.

Why is project time tracking important

Project time tracking is important because time tracking provides information on how much time is spent on specific tasks or phases of a project. By tracking working hours, companies can better monitor the progress of a project against the original plan and predetermined budget. For service companies, project time tracking also enables accurate billing of services rendered to the customer. In general, an evaluation of recorded project times can be used both to optimize processes and to improve planning for further projects.

When should you use project time tracking software?

Using project time tracking software can be useful in various situations. If you are working on projects, especially if they have a very tight timeframe as a target, project time tracking can help you to track progress and ensure that resources are being used efficiently. Companies that bill their clients on an hourly basis will benefit from accurate time tracking to create accurate invoices.

If you are working on multiple projects or tasks simultaneously, time tracking helps you to distribute the workload and ensure that employees and resources are used optimally. Tracking working hours allows you to analyze work patterns. Especially in times of increased remote working, time tracking is a way to ensure that employees are working productively and that their working time is used effectively.

Advantages of project time recording using software

Advantages of project time tracking using software

Resource optimization

Resource optimization

Resource optimization through project time tracking software refers to the efficient use of manpower and other operational resources to ensure that they are used in the best possible way to meet business objectives. Based on tracked project times, companies can better understand their actual labor capacity and its scope and use, which can subsequently lead to more realistic planning of projects.

Budget control

Budget control

Project time tracking software enables real-time monitoring of the actual hours spent compared to the originally planned hours. The software ensures that costs are kept in view and projects stay on budget. Companies can identify budget overruns at an early stage and take appropriate action.

Performance analysis

Performance analysis

By recording working hours, companies can better analyze the performance of employees and teams. In turn, strengths and areas for development can be identified by analyzing hours worked in comparison to targets. Performance analysis enables the identification of bottlenecks or barriers that can affect productivity. It also provides opportunities to assess team dynamics and collaboration between those involved. It allows constructive feedback on a reliable database.

Customer statement

Customer billing

In service industries where billing is done on an hourly basis, the accurate recording of project times is crucial for correct and precise billing. The integration of time recording systems with accounting systems also supports seamless billing of services rendered.

Data basis for improvements

Data basis for improvements

Using the database of the project time recording software is crucial to enable continuous development and efficiency improvements. The database enables benchmarking, where companies can compare their performance with industry standards. By comparing with best practices, companies can adopt successful strategies and working methods to optimize their own processes. The data foundation closes the loop of continuous improvement by providing a feedback system. By analyzing working hours and performance data, companies can evaluate their measures, make adjustments and manage the improvement process on an ongoing basis.

Planning and prioritization

Planning and prioritization

By analysing recorded working times, companies can improve their future planning and prioritization of tasks. Critical paths in a project can be identified by analyzing the working time spent. Planning and prioritization using time tracking data enables a better assessment of project risks. This enables a more realistic estimation of time and resource requirements for similar projects in the future.

Project controlling

Project controlling

The systematic recording of project times using appropriate software makes it possible to track the current progress of the project in real time. The recorded times can be used to accurately calculate labor costs and contribution margins. This creates transparency about the financial performance of the project. Target/actual comparisons for project key figures make it possible to quickly identify deviations and take appropriate measures.

Software for project time tracking on-premises or in the cloud?

The decision between a cloud-based (SaaS) and an on-premises software solution for project time tracking depends on various factors, including the specific requirements of your organization. These factors include, for example, the organization's IT resources, budget, security concerns and flexibility of work requirements. Some organizations may prefer a hybrid solution to combine the benefits of both options.

Cloud-based project time tracking software


On-premises project time tracking software


Define categories or activities and record services seamlessly

When recording project times, it is crucial to document all working times and assign them to projects or activities. Only then can meaningful evaluations be made. These activities must be categorized accordingly in advance of project time recording and created in the project time recording software.

Examples of possible categories are:

4 important aspects for the introduction of project time tracking software

four important aspects for the introduction of project time tracking software

Make a target definition:

Consider data protection aspects:

Define the required interfaces:

Involve your team and employees:

Typical functions of the software for project time tracking

Tips and question suggestions

Tips for evaluating project time tracking software