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PLANTA project - Agile and Classical Project Management

Agile, classical and hybrid Multi-Project Management

Version:  39.5.17

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PLANTA project lets you plan and control your projects systematically from project application to the archived project. You can immediately identify free capacities in the resource utilization, so that you can make quick decisions on projects. In the case of changes and upcoming bottlenecks you can take counter measures in good time. Detailed planning and the monitoring of budget, resource utilization and project progress as well as the reporting of projects planned with PLANTA pulse are provided.

PLANTA pulse is a tool for collaboration and agile project management with the help of which teams of any size can flexibly manage their tasks and plan their projects agilely. Everyone in the team is always up to date as if they were in office. Updates can also be received via smartphone. This improves cooperation in the entire company. Ideal for distributed project teams and homeoffice.

PLANTA as a Hybrid System integrates these two software solutions. PLANTA project for classical project methods (project planning with milestones, project budgets, and risks) and PLANTA pulse for agile team-collaboration via Kanban boards and Scrum (improved communication and coordination processes, especially in dispersed project teams). The data in both systems is synchronized via web service so that both the agile and the classical project management method can be used in an integrated system.

Benefits of PLANTA project at a Glance

  • Identify resource bottlenecks at an early stage and implement counter measures in good time
  • Precise forecast of project end date and end costs
  • Integrated project controlling with the most recent data at all times
  • Early monitoring of the actual project progress
  • Hybrid project management with PLANTA pulse allows agile planning in the teams and classical monitoring of all company's project costs, dates and quality.


All project team members (stakeholders) can be involved in the communication with respect to the project and, e.g., receive a message when a phase has been approved or when the status of a process step has changed. The news distribution type (email or pop-up message) can be defined in advance for each member of the project team.

Roles in PLANTA project

The project management process involves employees who have different tasks, areas of responsibility and competences. In order to give selective support to the work of those involved in a project, PLANTA project offers predefined roles for the multi-project manager, project manager, resource/skill manager, management/stakeholder and project staff.

PLANTA software got best notes in software reports, comparison of project management software tools and customer case studies. 

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Target groups:

PLANTA Project: cross-industry software solutions for enterprise-wide project management

PLANTA Project can be used to efficiently plan and control any number of parallel projects

  • in IT and organizational departments
  • in research and development departments
  • in engineering and plant construction, and
  • in controlling departments (pure project controlling)
  • in practically all industries,
  • banking and insurance
  • software companies
  • business consultancies
  • automotive
  • manufacturing industry
  • engineering and plant construction
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