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Time tracking software that is fun to use


Time tracking software that is fun to use
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Timr - digital work and project time recording for all industries

Timr offers a complete solution for your working time recording and project time recording. Digital time tracking from timr is suitable for companies in all industries. Replace the Excel spreadsheet with timr time tracking and save up to 80% of administrative work.


  • Online time tracking for project time and working time
  • Time tracking on PC or Mac
  • App for Android and iOS

Working Time Recording

Your employees can record attendance and absence, office time, sick leave or time off conveniently and quickly via PC or smartphone. You can store your own working time models. The hours and vacation account is automatically managed and can be viewed at any time. You have the option of creating automatic breaks. Compliance with or the recording of legally required breaks is guaranteed.

Project Time Recording

Stopwatch function for project time recording: with start and end of an activity you start and stop your recording. It is possible to enter project times manually. You settle project times at the end of the day. There is a live overview of hours, employees and budgets as well as meaningful reports and evaluations on the projects.

Time Tracking App

On the road, working and project times can be recorded directly on site via app, even offline. Times are automatically synchronized with the web application. GPS position data is recorded at start and stop. Central control and evaluation of all times is possible.

Main Features

  • Personalized working time recording. Set up working time models, working time types and breaks to suit your company
  • Timesheets at the touch of a button. Your employees' time sheets are always available and up to date
  • Vacation management. Calculate vacation entitlement and holidays automatically
  • Time tracking via browser on PC and Mac
  • Mobile time tracking app on Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone
  • GPS position tracking for better control in the field
  • Time tracking app can also be used offline
  • Easily record projects/tasks with start/stop function
  • Create an individual project and task structure that fits your company exactly
  • Complete and always updated project time reports. Easily make informed decisions on your projects
  • Create budgets for your projects and keep track of them at all times
  • Live overview of your employees. See what your employees are currently working on
  • Time tracking via terminal
  • Customizable rights management and access control for employees
Target groups:

Timr is the perfect solution for:

all SMEs and suitable for all industries, for example: Craft businesses, construction companies, software houses or system houses.


Timr is used in more than 1500 companies and in more than 40 countries.

Here are a few of our customers:

  • Apollo Optik GmbH
  • weXelerate GmbH
  • Mitutoyo Austria GmbH
  • Linz AG
  • EFG Energieforschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG
Contact information:
Herr Wolfgang Brandhuber
+43-7722-673 508 250
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English, German, Spanish
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