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Time Tracking and Automatic Scheduling for Companies


Time Tracking and Automatic Scheduling for Companies
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TimeTrack Enterprise combines legal time tracking, project time tracking and expense tracking and invoicing (convert project times and expenses into invoices) so that your daily tracking can be done efficiently and from anywhere.

Companies in all industries, which carry out customer projects and orders, depend on correct working time recording. This is the basis for the final cost and invoice generation. With TimeTrack Enterprise software, it plays into the hands of service companies, construction companies, engineering firms, architects, craftsmen, security services or even cleaning companies that this digital time recording simultaneously records the times for projects and expenses. This increases work efficiency, workflows can be completed much faster and the effort for recording and implementing previously manual time and data recording is significantly reduced.


  • Employees in the office use the web app and can manage other employees, customers, projects, activities, etc.
  • Employees on the go use mobile apps and can also conveniently use the web app in the office.
  • Employees can clock in and out, directly in the mobile app or in the browser, and TimeTrack does the rest. Use it to handle legal time tracking.
  • Employees can easily post times to customers, projects and activities or record expenses. This gives you more transparency for your projects and you know exactly where our expenses go.
  • The data is automatically synchronized in the background, employees only take care of recording. Offline operation for the apps is also possible.
  • Working time recording: appendix of the recorded data TimeTrack creates hour and vacation account, takes into account the break regulations and holidays.
  • Project time tracking: You can create the management reports and evaluations at any time, plan projects, track them, etc. based on the recorded project times.

Your advantages when using TimeTrack time tracking:

  • employees can clock in and out either in the browser or in the mobile app
  • the requirements for the legal recording of working hours are met
  • clearly structured dashboard
  • including automatic synchronization of all recorded data
  • easy to integrate into existing systems

Project time recording

The Project time recording module includes:

  • project planning
  • project performance
  • project visibility and allocation
  • hourly rates (project, activity, employee, etc.)
  • project evaluations and reports
  • notifications for team leaders and project managers
  • over 60 permissions, team leaders, external collaborators, etc.

Working time recording

The working time recording module includes:

  • recording of working hours (time clock, with the apps, In web app (browser), Online, Offline))
  • post-recording, overview of the hours account, reports
  • automatic timesheets for your employees
  • leave calendar, leave management with workflow (request, approval, calendar entry, Outlook)
  • time sheet, absence calendar, absences (sick leave, time off, doctor's visit, etc.)
  • overtime, bonuses
  • approval process- absences (sick leave, time off, etc.) with workflow / approval process- break regulations
  • with automatic break deduction, notifications, etc.
  • holidays for 80 countries and all federal states in DACH area

Main functions:

  • legal working time recording (timesheets, vacation management with workflow, absences, public holidays, break regulations, etc.)
  • project time tracking - book time on customers, projects and activities
  • expense tracking - record expenses / materials / costs easily, with templates for easier expense reporting
  • plan and track projects, project status at a glance
  • professional and flexible reporting for recorded time and expenses
  • invoicing - create invoices or receipts for your customers from the recorded times and expenses.
  • performance overview and time sheet
  • flexible and easy data export
  • native apps for all mobile devices, web app for PC/Mac
  • integration with your internal systems (ERP, accounting, etc.) for automatic data transfer


Azure AD
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Active Directory

Target groups:

All companies that carry out projects / orders internally or for their customers:

  • service companies
  • construction company
  • office
  • engineering offices
  • architects
  • craftsmen
  • cleaning companies
  • security services
  • trade
  • etc.


  • Over 500,000 downloads of TimeTrack in App Store.

  • Over 2000 sole traders and small businesses use TimeTrack Pro with the cloud.

  • Over 1000 TimeTrack Enterprise customers in DE, CH, AT in the last 12 months. Additionally 1500 small businesses (start-ups, self-employed, etc.) use our full cloud solution.

TimeTrack Pro is Top 10 Business App in DE, CH, AT.

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Mr. Ivan Stojkovic
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Functions (excerpt) of TimeTrack:

Absence management
Working time corrections
Working time models
Working time monitoring
Working time management
Task management
Order times
Processing times
Notification system
User management
Report management
Operating calendar
Real-time tracking
Booking absenteeism
Holiday management
Time off accounts
GPS tracking
Calendar and appointment management
Calendar functions
Cost recording
Mobile time recording
Multiple calendars
Offline time recording
Project budgeting
Project statistics
Project timing
Project time recording
Overtime calculations
Vacation entitlements
Vacation group administration
Vacation management
Time accounting rules
Time bookings


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
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Dialogue language(s):
English, German
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
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Mac OS
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