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Translation Software, Software for Translators - current Market Overview

This software market overview shows translation software and dictionary software from different providers that help you translate texts into another language in terms of content and semantics. The aim is that the message of a text can also be understood in another language. For internationally active companies, the automated translation of multilingual information using translation servers is suitable. The files (Doc, RTF, TXT or HTML etc.) are then automatically translated on the server in the intranet and made available to the employees. This facilitates translation activities and makes them more efficient.

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Translation programs of different language pairs are described below. You will find in this market overview translation programs for German - English, English - German as well as for German - French, French - German and other language pairs - as well as a variety of dictionaries for languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and many more.

A translation program usually includes a translation database, where you can find, for example, a sentence archive for storing sentences and word combinations that are important for you, with the correct translation. Most often, the translation software also includes special learning functions.

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