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Speech recognition software supports many professions with a high written documentation workload. Automated speech recognition eliminates the need for manual text entry. With the speech recognition software listed here, you will find programs for both speaker-independent speech recognition and speaker-dependent speech recognition.

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In the case of speaker-dependent speech recognition software, the application must first be trained to the user's individual voice before it can actually be used. A well-known representative of a speaker-dependent solution is the Dragon Naturally Speaking software from the manufacturer Nuance. With specialized dictionaries, the software can be optimized for various fields of application (doctors, lawyers, etc.). If only a limited vocabulary is used (e.g. control of a dialog system via the digits from 0 - 9), the speaker-independent speech recognition software is used due to its almost 100% recognition. In addition to the usual areas of application, there is also more specialized speech recognition software, e.g. for authentication by voice.

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