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Current market overview of continuing education and training management software. This software is used in companies, educational institutions, and other organizations to optimize the planning, implementation, and evaluation of continuing education and training measures. The software makes it possible to create, plan and manage courses, seminars and training sessions. Continuing education is workshops, training courses or courses aimed at deepening, developing or updating existing knowledge and skills. Continuing education refers to the expansion of skills and qualifications beyond the current job or position.

Continuing education and training management software enables the management of participant data, training registrations and cancellations, and the monitoring of progress and certification. The software usually also offers resource management with which rooms, trainers and materials can be efficiently allocated and managed. It provides features for tracking participant progress and reporting on the success of training activities. It offers functions for tracking the progress of participants and generating reports on the success of training measures. Training and development software can usually be integrated with existing corporate systems such as human resources (HR) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

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audius:Seminar for training and seminar management
CRM and seminar management in one solution
CRM and seminar management in one solution With audius:Seminar, audius offers a specially developed CRM solution for training and further education institutes. The scope of functions ranges from the management of master data and resources, through the planning and administration of seminars and timetables, to the billing of services. The process focuses on participant management and the organization of instructors. The basis is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, audius refines the processes specifically for seminar organizers.
Software for the organization of seminars & events
Software for the organization of seminars & events Planning, organizing, promoting and evaluating your seminars, events and training courses takes up a lot of time? Time that you would rather use for your customers or employees? Then take this time off your hands. By using the professional software simplyOrg, the workflows involved in organizing your events are automated, making your job much easier. The result: less administration, secure planning, an overview at all times and more time for the essentials.
New generation course management, seminar management and event management
New generation course management, seminar management and event management welante offers a powerful solution to effortlessly manage even the most complex processes in event and education administration. Our comprehensive administration system digitalizes these processes and generates automated workflows that significantly simplify your administrative tasks. Information networking makes it easier to manage participants, instructors, and rooms for seminars, courses, and classes.
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