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Quentic – Leading Software for EHS and Sustainability Management

Quentic – Leading health & safety, environmental and sustainability management software
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Quentic is one of the leading software solutions for health and safety, environmental and sustainability management. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all functions you need. Use a tried and true system that allows you to combine various software modules to suit your individual needs.

Quentic platform and app:


Quentic assists you with all EHS and sustainability processes. Documenting, organizing, evaluating – with Quentic you’re done in a jiffy. Keep track at all times, whether you need a global view or detailed specific information about a particular issue.

All software modules at a glance:

Innovative web technology

Quentic uses the most modern web technology. Whether you work with just a few or hundreds of team members, Quentic easily connects and involves all stakeholders. Grant individual access according to responsibilities and needs. Even external parties, such as consultants, auditors and suppliers can be integrated into the system. At the same time, this system offers you the highest level of data security and ease of use. Everything you need is your web browser. As Quentic can be accessed online from wherever your business happens to be, there is no need for installation on site.

The tailor-made solution for your organization

No matter what line of business you operate in, our numerous references prove that you can build on Quentic. Medium-sized business, big corporation, supplier, or manufacturing trade – with Quentic, you can easily accomplish your tasks. Your company structures are conveniently mapped onto Quentic so that you can adjust your system to your individual situation.

One software – many advantages

Achieve legal security

  • Relevant and up-to-date legal guidelines
  • Derive and implement procedures and protocols
  • Minimize liability risk

Support certifications

  • Work in line with EHS standards
  • Document actions in a traceable way
  • Strengthen the improvement processes

Increase transparency

  • Analysis and reports made easy
  • Access all information from one place
  • Effective filter and overview features

Improve efficiency

  • Save time and effort
  • Collect information with the click of a mouse
  • Reuse existing content from one central database

Use the Quentic demo version to discover the numerous advantages for your area of work:

Waste management
Work area management
occupational medical examinations
Occupational safety
Audit management
Task management
Inspection reports
Notification system
Operating instructions
Evaluation of risks
Checklist creation
Data maintenance
Data protection management
Design functions
Documentation and evidence management
Document control
E-mail notification
E-mail integration
Emission monitoring
External parties
Missing parts and dangerous goods
Training management
Progress Tracking
Risk assessment
Hazard catalog
Hazardous substance operating rejections
Hazardous substance storage
Hazardous materials management
Hazardous substances register
legal requirements and standards
Expiration date, hazardous materials management
Internal audit functions
internal control systems
ISO 27001
ISO standard management
Key figures and key figure systems
Key figure reports
Custom branding
Offer courses online
Course dates
Learning content management
Supplier audits
Client management
Measures management
Measures status query
Measure tracking
Measures overview
Action tracking
Multi-user capability
Sample assessments
norms and standards
Standards compliance
Process documentation
Process monitoring
Process tracking
Test result display
Quality assurance
Legal register
Review management
Risk and compliance management
Risk assessment
Risk control
Risk management
Interfaces for employees and visitors
Training certificates
SCORM compliance
Self-learning function
Safety data sheets
Safety equipment
Security functions
Deadline overview
Test and quiz functions
Enterprise management
Corporate planning
Corporate planning and controlling
Company structure display
Instruction management
Dressing book
Versioning of processes
Management of attendance events
Process management
Effectiveness check
Workflow management
Central documentation
Target groups:

Quentic is made for any small, medium or large company or organization. Users from across all sectors and industries are fans of Quentic; from suppliers to disposers to production and logistics companies to service providers.

Numerous customers already implemented their projects with Quentic successfully. You can find a selection of our references here.

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