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Software for vehicle manufacturing - current market overview

The software for vehicle builders usually includes ERP systems for process management incl. planning and design, material procurement and mobile warehouse logistics. The software for vehicle manufacturing supports purchasing and sales, CRM, manufacturing and service management. It usually includes variant configuration, change management, ISO and quality management and extensive other workflows. Special software for vehicle manufacturers and wagon builders is available, for example, for vehicle weight management (incl. axle load forecasting).

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Perfection in production
Perfection in production
The PSIpenta ERP / MES software is geared towards the processes of classic medium-sized vehicle manufacturers. Users from the vehicle manufacturing industry can use the standard modules from the ERP and MES portfolio to implement a solution tailored to their specific needs. Functionalities include EDI connection, converters for VDA, EDIFACT, Odette etc., framework agreements, packaging management and much more.
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