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Process Simulator

Process Simulator - simply simulate process flows with Microsoft Visio!

Version:  10.9

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You can quickly and easily simulate Microsoft Visio flowcharts, value stream maps and workflow diagrams.

Use Process Simulator for process simulation and business process simulation. Visualize, analyze and optimize your process flow charts directly in the familiar environment of Microsoft Visio.

Transform your processes, value streams and business processes into dynamic, graphically appealing simulation models. Shorten your time to find solutions. Process Simulator helps you to find bottlenecks, overcapacities and weaknesses in your processes and allow you to find risk free alternative solutions.

Process optimization, business process management, value stream mapping and value stream design are typical applications for Process Simulator

Process Simulator is an essential part/element of many Lean Six Sigma method kits. Specific model elements such as supermarkets, kanban or the interface to Minitab help you to create meaningful simulation models. And furthermore it is an easy-to-learn, intuitive simulation tool for process analysis and process optimization that has the potential to change your future.

New: Process Simulator Professional Material Handling Edition

With the Process Simulator Professional Material Handling Edition you can now model the material flow in detail in your Process Simulator models. Along with the drawing environment being scaled, you now will have access to Stations, Conveyors and Path Networks.

Click here for an overview of Process Simulator Professional Material Handling Edition.

Watch and get smart:

Our one-hour long introduction tutorial will give you a first look at how you can experience Process Simulator and how it works. Use this tutorial as a starting point, in order to discuss your questions and your concrete application cases in a web conference together with us afterwards.

With the Process Simulator refresher courses we offer you a simple and uncomplicated way to get to know Process Simulator or possibly to refresh your previously acquired knowledge in using Process Simulator.

Are you interested in Process Simulator?

Than please contact us and make an appointment for a Process Simulator demonstration during a web conference. Doing this we can present you the operation and functionality of Process Simulator on your screen live during a telephone call. You can discuss your application scenario together with us and directly see the functionality of Process Simulator using the example of already implemented projects.

As a follow-up to this web conference to introduce the software you will receive a free 30-day trial of Process Simulator.

Microsoft Excel
Text Files
Analysis and simulation
Process optimization, numerical simulation
Process visualization
Simulation tools
Scenario comparison
Scenario planning
Workflow management
Target groups:
  • Production and logistics
  • Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or Value Stream Design or Value Stream Mapping
  • Business process modeling and analysis
  • Health service
  • Call center
  • ... each company, that needs process simulation.
2261.00 EUR (1900.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) annually
3391.50 EUR (2850.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) annually
free of charge
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