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Workflow Management Systems

Workflow management comprises the modeling and evaluation, simulation and control as well as logging of company processes with the aim of coordinating the employees working on these processes and controlling the course of the process. A special aspect in connection with workflow management is joint and networked collaboration.

In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software and solutions on the topic of workflow or workflow management. Workflow management software is used for business process automation. The workflow management software ensures - based on certain specifications - the execution of predefined workflows as well as the technological support of business process management. As a rule, the software supports the creation of process maps and process models, includes the generation of process descriptions and contains modules for release workflow or workflow development, as well as BPMN symbols and key figure management. The software for workflow management usually also includes output options for analyses and reports with evaluations of flow efficiency.

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Apparo Fast Edit
Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting
Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting With Apparo Fast Edit you can create web-based data entry applications. Whether simple data mask or complex workflow, the software supports you in quality-assured data management, including Excel interface, auditing and security and platform-independent data processing. Apparo Fast Edit uses the security system, the web portal and the look & feel of your BI system, but also works as a standalone version. Even business departments can now create simple applications.
Workflow management and process management software
Workflow management and process management software Processes digitized in no time at all: PANFLOW is 100% browser-based and requires no lengthy installation. Create even complex workflows without programming knowledge simply by drag & drop. A process in PANFLOW consists of two central parts: The form collects information within the process chain, while the workflow controls the flow of the process through the organizational units. The standardized interfaces allow you to integrate PANFLOW seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.
Document control with roXtra for your standard-compliant QM
Document control with roXtra for your standard-compliant QM In roXtra Documents, benefit from the user-friendly and intuitive user interface as well as an individual document workflow with clear and transparent release and steering processes as well as the automatic and audit-proof versioning and archiving of your QM documents.
target Idea Management for use with SAP
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution Unique worldwide: Software for idea and innovation management with SAP technology Use the creative potential in your team with target software for efficient idea and innovation management. Thanks to the direct use of SAP data and technology, our software offers the best solution for SAP systems worldwide.
Makes application development faster, more individual and cheaper.
Makes application development faster, more individual and cheaper. brixxbox: Low-code platform for ERP systems/software Fast provision of commercial applications for your company. With our low-code ERP platform, even IT-savvy people can become software developers. The unique platform principle of brixxbox makes it possible: The graphical user interface allows you to easily combine the required application modules. This allows you to create modern and highly customized applications in the shortest possible time. In addition, you can further customize the business logic with Java script and SQL.
From the idea to the solution
From the idea to the solution From project planning to the implementation of your processes. MR.KNOW provides with the suite BPM inspire as well as the INSPIRE PLATFORM (Cloud) and the digital wizards extensive possibilities for project leaders and project managers for the implementation of your projects. Optimize your processes with the suite BPM inspire. Optimal workflows, perfect collaboration!...
Field Service Management - Tickets
Customer management forms the interface between customers and the company
Customer management forms the interface between customers and the company The software enables you to set up a customer management system for customer service, which provides comprehensive information about the customer and the products used. The software supports you in integrating all relationships with potential and existing customers. For differentiated analyses and marketing actions, a database is available from which the required information can be prepared in a short time. In this way, you can increase your customer loyalty by identifying and serving customer needs and market demands.
Process management, QM software and workflow software
Process management, QM software and workflow software With the SmartProcess software, all internal workflows and processes can be optimally coordinated and ultimately effectively controlled. You therefore benefit from many functions, but especially from the extensive analyses and the automation of your workflows.
Doxis Intelligent Content Automation
A new era of content understanding
A new era of content understanding The AI-powered platform Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is the next level of enterprise content management: It bridges and automates content across your ecosystem to create a 360° view of business.
Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
A customizable, flexible and comprehensive information management solution.
A customizable, flexible and comprehensive information management solution. The solution for digital document & workflow management Nowadays, information is one of the important foundations that a company needs in order to successfully pursue and achieve its goals. However, the relevant information does not always end up exactly where it is needed. Sometimes it simply gets lost or is not reproduced correctly. Because the flood of information is almost inexhaustible. Logipad is a software developed by DextraData GmbH that can be customized. At the same time, all document-driven processes in a company are optimized so ...
Clarity PPM: Enterprise Software for Project and Portfolio Management
Clarity PPM for comprehensive operative and strategic project and portfolio management
Clarity PPM for comprehensive operative and strategic project and portfolio management Clarity PPM as software meets all requirements of operational and strategic PPM. The strengths include the combination of project, resource, financial and portfolio management as well as multi-project management. Clarity PPM offers extensive configuration options and can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements so that you get the maximum benefit from the application. Whether SaaS or as an on-premise solution. As the manufacturer's only Tier 1 partner in Germany and Austria and strongest partner in Europe, itdesign is the right address for you.
iqs Quality Center - CAQ-Software
iqs CAQ Solutions – synonymous with quality.
The iqs quality center covers all quality assurance areas, from planning to analysis of key quality data. In addition it links all knowledge from the quality assurance modules in one central database, creating a control loop in which feedback is actively used. The quality center effectively becomes a large pool of knowledge. As a standalone solution each modul is a specialist in its own field. Linked as a complete CAQ system, iqs software offers you the best possible functionality. The iqs modules at a glance: iqs FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis ...
Holistic Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
The d.3ecm is an enterprise content management system that takes your document management and workflow to the next digital level. Organize your business data sustainably and map your business processes optimally. With d.3ecm you create more transparency and information in your company. With the activity stream you always keep track of the status of your documents.
Holistic software for human resources management, recruiting and payroll...
Holistic software for human resources management, recruiting and payroll... Personio is Europe's leading HR software for SMEs and supports you in all core HR tasks: recruiting, onboarding, personnel administration, payroll and more.
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Software Tips

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a plan of operations. This workflow outlines the operational aspects of the business process by means of structured steps. These steps build on each other. Once a step has been executed, its result determines the subsequent step. The processing of these steps in the workflow can be IT-supported.

What does workflow management mean?

Workflow management includes the administration of all individual workflows as well as their modeling, simulation, control and monitoring. A workflow management system supports this planning, management and monitoring. The system includes tools with which the individual workflows can be created and edited. Here, systems with graphical interfaces and the ability to create even highly complex processes without programming knowledge via an easy-to-use Workflow Designer are advantageous. The system assists in modeling the individual work steps as flow diagrams. Workflow management systems often provide preconfigured workflows that can then be easily adapted.

Advantages and goals of a workflow management system

Workflow management systems (WMS) support the automation of routine company processes. This involves freeing structured tasks and processes from duplicate or superfluous work steps and then automating them efficiently with IT support. The goal of workflow management is to coordinate the process agents or teams. The processors can often be distributed spatially or, in the case of remote work, they can process the individual work steps and monitor the progress of the process from their home offices. The processing of the operations of a well-created workflow takes place smoothly and without errors. The quality of the processes is usually improved by workflow management, the processing times are shortened by automation and the transparency of the process is increased.

Typical application area of the workflow management system

The areas of application for a workflow management system are extremely diverse and vary from company to company. Basically, workflows can be used regardless of the size of the company and the industry. In the following, we have listed a few typical areas of use that come into question for most SMEs and also for larger organizations and corporations.

How is a workflow mapped digitally?

A workflow management system usually includes a graphical workflow designer and predefined workflow templates. Individual workflows can then be created or predefined workflows can be modified or supplemented using drag & drop. Sub-processes can run simultaneously or independently of each other. Rules are defined that take effect automatically when corresponding entries are made by an agent. The next step is the execution by means of the workflow engine. The workflow engine monitors the compliance with the process steps and starts with the respective following work steps according to the defined rules. In addition, the workflow software includes a monitoring component. Monitoring is used to evaluate and subsequently improve the workflows.

Example of a workflow

A typical example of a workflow is the vacation request. An employee starts the workflow process by going to the Self-Service Portal and clicking on "Request leave". The leave request is then recorded via a form. Once the form has been completed, the request is automatically forwarded to the employee's supervisor. If the request is approved, it is forwarded to the HR department, where it is checked whether the relevant remaining vacation days are still available. If this is the case, the corresponding vacation days are recorded in the personnel department. If the supervisor does not approve the leave, a notification is sent back to the applicant. If there are not enough vacation days left, a message is also sent back to the applicant.

Example of a workflow for leave requests

Typical functions of workflow management systems

Tips and question suggestions

Tips and question suggestions for evaluating workflow management systems: