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In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of software and solutions for portals or enterprise content management systems (ECM). Enterprise content management systems capture, manage and store content and ensure that content and documents are made available throughout the enterprise. Portal solutions are application systems in which applications, processes and services are centrally integrated and provide users with web-based access to personalized content on their corporate portal. Portal software usually integrates areas such as collaboration management, document management and knowledge management - and even expert systems in the case of high-end portal solutions.

The ECM software listed here usually includes content management, digital asset management and modules for cross-media publishing and community management and allows audit-proof archiving. The ECM software usually supports the capture of content regardless of the medium (e.g. e-mail, paper, office documents) and allows documents to be processed and forwarded as required.

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Doxis Intelligent Content Automation
A new era of content understanding
A new era of content understanding The AI-powered platform Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is the next level of enterprise content management: It bridges and automates content across your ecosystem to create a 360° view of business.
Holistic Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
d.3ecm is a modern enterprise content management system with which you can perfectly optimize your document-based business and decision processes. Digitize processes, archive all documents in digital files. With d.3ecm, you have innovative and state-of-the-art technologies for classifying, structuring and versioning information. Via mobile apps and HTML5 technology, you also have access on the go.
M-Files Online
Effective Information Management with the M-Files DMS
Effective Information Management with the M-Files DMS M-Files® is a metadata based software solution for enterprise content management (ECM) and document management and stores documents according to the principle of "what instead of where". M-Files' metadata-based approach solves the problem of cumbersome folder structures and eliminates the need to store files in more than one location. With M-Files, the same document appears where you need it, in different locations, but without being duplicated.
Future-proof Enterprise Web CMS
Future-proof Enterprise Web CMS Scrivito is a decoupled/headless enterprise web CMS that serves as a flexible foundation for all your websites and apps. It delivers content to any channel and device, is user-friendly, secure, scalable and designed for high-performance global deployment.
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing The multi channel publishing or crossmedia publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry.
aktefix® digital
File, document and workflow management for SMEs
File, document and workflow management for SMEs aktefix®digital is the ECM platform for files, emails, workflows and documents of all common file formats. Documents are found in seconds via full text search and intelligent filter functions. The entire knowledge from paper folders, filing baskets, email accounts and PC drives becomes available in seconds. aktefix®digital is compatible with almost any business software, can be used across industries, is browser-based and largely intuitive to use.
Complete business process management
Complete business process management Symbio is a complete business process management solution. Symbio provides you with a fundamental basis for your internal and external projects. Symbio can be integrated into your own IT landscape, such as your company's own SAP® portals and Microsoft SharePoint®, within a short space of time.
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