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Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and other key figures software and providers - current market overview

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is, a balanced reporting sheet and includes a key performance indicator concept. These business management indicators are used to determine, document and implement the corporate strategy or target management. Management information systems such as the Balanced Scorecard provide management and controlling with an overall view of the efficiency and performance of the company organization. In this current market overview, you can compare balanced scorecard software, other performance measurement systems and key performance indicators (KPI). The software supports management in translating corporate strategy into operational tasks and individual steps or measures. Visualize easily and efficiently the status of the implementation of their business goals with these balanced scorecard software solutions.

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OEE Analyser
Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines
Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines Der OEE Analyser ermittelt automatisch und in Echtzeit diverse Leistungskennzahlen von Produktionsanlagen unterschiedlichster Art. Die Anbindung an die Anlagen ist sehr einfach. Die automatische Arbeitsweise liefert genaue Ergebnisse und erfordert keinen zusätzlichen Personalaufwand. Der OEE Analyser ist rasch installiert und betriebsbereit. Schon nach wenigen Stunden Vorbereitungsarbeit werden erste Ergebnisdaten sichtbar.
myPARM - Multi-project management software
Portfolio management with myPARM
Portfolio management with myPARM Planning of all projects and programmes with analysis, simulation and prioritisation functions. Control and monitor on the basis of the current status. - Suitable not only for projects but also for objects such as products, services and brands, regardless of the sector. - Comparison of programmes and portfolios regarding performance and strategic goal fulfilment among each other - Freely definable score maps for strategic evaluation - Direct initiation and follow-up of measures and initiatives...
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