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Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines

OEE Analyser

Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines

Overall Equipment Effectiveness – A Ready-to-Use Cost Cutter

With the OEE Analyzer, you can achieve a lasting gain in productivity and savings of production costs. After just three hours of preparation and installation, the system will deliver the first data on your process. OEE shows you where the potential for performance enhancement lies. You can install it on your main production equipment without increasing the workload on the operators. 

ROI from 170% to 900% 

Any branch of manufacturing can benefit from OEE. For example, Merck KGaA Darmstadt installed the OEE Analyzer in their packaging department and were able to increase the annual capacity by 14%. The project’s return on investment was 170% in the first year and close to 900% in the following year. 

Universally Applicable 

The OEE Analyzer can be used with any kind of manufacturing process, whether continuous or discrete. It works with stand-alone machines, production lines or CNC operations. The OEE Analyzer uses the standardized OEE calculation methodology. You can enter your own models of planned operation, cycle times and can define causes of downtime, rejects and other losses. A wide variety of data collection methods can be incorporated, from any existing PLC or MES (Manufacturing Execution System), from a 24V cycle signal to OPC. 

Saves Work 

The automatic collection of data delivers exact and objective data and eliminates manual data recording. For training purposes, the OEE Analyzer can also accept manual data inputs. The OEE Analyzer is a real time system. You can call up the current values and analyses at any time and monitor developments in the factory. Often, important indicators are shown live on large displays on the shop floor. Equipment operators soon come to appreciate the insight into the processes, the objective measurement of performance and the labor-saving improvements that are achieved.

Comprehensive Reporting 

The OEE Analyzer is multilingual and runs on common databases such as Oracle or SQL Server. It contains many reporting options. With a free business intelligence software module it is also possible to generate customized analyses and to access data in other databases. The OEE Analyzer is compatible with ERP systems and can become part of an overall MES.

Advantages at a Glance 

  • Increased utilization of equipment capacity
  • Lower production costs
  • Reduces reject and rework rates
  • Better compliance with production plans
  • Less stress and overtime
  • Serves as a basis for continual improvement programs  

Main Features

  • Real-time monitoring of equipment productivity
  • Graphical data displays with causes of losses
  • Graphical pareto analysis of stoppages (type, duration, frequency)
  • Analysis of rejects
  • Comparison of different tools or products on the same equipment
  • Analysis of changeover, adjustment and operation times
  • Benchmarking of machine performance• Overview of machine status
  • Correlation analyses

Try It Now

Please download the product leaflet and contact us for a 30-day test. Explore the productivity on a representative machine and gain new knowledge of the operation and potentials of improvements.

Target groups:

Manufacturing companies



  • Siemens
  • Magna
  • Greiner
  • Sebring
  • KTM
  • Opel
  • MAN
  • Novartis
  • Sandoz
  • Takeda
  • Merck
  • Delpharm
  • Fresenius
  • FRoSTA
  • REWE
  • Apetito
  • Landena
  • Kometa
  • Kelly's
  • Stia
  • Pedross
  • Gaulhofer
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • etc
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++43 316 278660
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Functions (excerpt) of OEE Analyser:
Equipment productivity
Plant productivity (OEE/TEEP)
Display of current shift data
Display of current target/actual quantities
Display of the standstills
Order acceptance and order booking
Order data
Scrap analyses
Committee message
data aquisition
Authorization management
Reports and evaluations
Recording reasons
Key figures and key figure systems
Cost centers
Customer data
Performance analysis
Machine performance overview
Machine performance comparison
Machine Condition Survey
Machine condition overview
Machine condition history
Measures management
Characteristics and key figures
Measurement data
Employee profiles
OEE Dashboard
OEE of different products
Product data
Production status
Process data tracking
Process control and key figures
Set-up time evaluations
Shift models
Shift histories and production reports
Layer history
Target setup detection
Master data management
Standstill justification
Downtime Pareto analysis
Downtime detection
Loss types
Time models, time accounts
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