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In production data acquisition (PDA), a distinction is made between different types of operating data. There is order data, personnel data, machine data and process data. Order data includes, for example, production data. This data, which is generated in the production process, is recorded using systems for plant data collection or machine data collection (MDC). Then they are passed on to so-called Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or also production control systems and processed. Machine data acquisition is also used for production planning and process automation in manufacturing. Machine data acquisition is part of production monitoring.

The MES systems listed in this current market overview enable real-time management. They control the manufacturing or production due to the direct connection to the production data acquisition and the machine data acquisition (MDC). They also control other processes that have an impact on the manufacturing process and support quality management. In addition to MES solutions, software for PDA and MDC is described here.

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ProSeS - Manager
Real added value through configuration
The PDA Manager can be seamlessly integrated into everyday production. By using the Manager, the PDC system for store floor data collection becomes a frequently and gladly used production tool. You can adapt all functions and program interfaces to your production requirements. In this way, you achieve a PDC system that is optimally suited to your company.
VBASE the flexible automation platform for industrial and building automation
Smart Factory and Smart Building with VBASE. VBASE is the central point for your automation projects. VBASE serves as a multifunctional automation platform with numerous interfaces. In industrial automation, VBASE maps the areas of HMI, SCADA and MES. In the field of building automation, the focus is on BMS systems and energy management. VBASE collects the most important data of the machines and plants and makes them directly available to the operator.
ProSeS - Process Data Management
Process data management for monitoring and evaluation of production parameters
The permanent process monitoring by the software solution process data management ensures the establishment of safe processes. With the help of the software, reliable throughput times for production orders can be generated. For safety-relevant items, 100% inspection and complete documentation is possible. Define tolerance limits and manage them conveniently. Detect outliers and analyze them.
ProSeS - ODA Reporting
Graphical and tabular reports: machine status, downtime, scrap, quality...
ODA Reporting allows you to visualize and graphically display key figures. Use your resources efficiently through the software and effectively avoid longer production downtimes. Create comprehensive reports for the evaluation of production data. With the help of the tachograph, each machine can be individually selected and deselected.
ProSeS - DNC Administration
Enter remarks and display, copy, activate, archive setting record
Connect the PDA system to the host computer interface of the machines. Manage all setting data, parameters and programs with just a few clicks in the module. The program statuses are archived, retrievable and reusable at any time. The software includes features for layout and printing of setting data sheets. Up- and download of data sets is possible from any PC terminal.
Web-based MES standard solution for Industry 4.0
Web-based MES standard solution for Industry 4.0 INCLUDIS.Web is a web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that can be installed on any operating system. It enables the recording, visualization and analysis of production data in real time.
Process optimization and cost reduction with modular MES software
Process optimization and cost reduction with modular MES software Our MES and PDA solution streamlines production and optimizes processes and organization. The largely paperless handling of numerous processes ensures effective production management. The transparency achieved means that the current status of production equipment and orders can be called up at any time and from anywhere. The planning level is relieved of routine activities, allowing it to concentrate on core tasks. The modular structure of our gfos software family enables the demand-oriented use of individual solution components right up to the complete MES.
Syncos MES
Software for CAQ BDE MDE MES
SYNCOS Production Management enables you to control the production process in real time by means of real-time information about plant and machine conditions. Multi-level, article-related work planning with comprehensive support of all tasks. Consideration of all resources (workstations, machines, production aids, employees) and technological suitability with specification of set-up times, unit output, planned capacity utilization, shift model, etc.. Early detection of bottlenecks and better planning quality lead to shorter lead times.
ProSeS - PC Terminal
Add production orders conveniently and start actions - Modular PDA component
The PC terminal is the mobile partner of the PDA system for your manufacturing company. With the help of the software solution, you can add orders conveniently and directly at the machines via operator terminals, on the PC, touchscreens, etc. The user guidance is intuitive, so that hardly any training time is required. The user guidance is intuitive, so that hardly any training time is required. All actions such as order changes, personnel logins and logouts can be carried out easily.
Real-time data acquisition provides meaningful information in discrete manufacturing
Real-time data acquisition provides meaningful information in discrete manufacturing NuPMES helps with machine connection, production controlling and alarming, ensures mobile working and provides real-time production data. NuPMES supports both automatic and manual data acquisition and offers comprehensive visualizations. The machine is connected via a data module.
Intelligent solution for the digitalization of operating processes.
Intelligent solution for the digitalization of operating processes. Transparent production processes sustainably increase a company's profit and strengthen its resilience in challenging times. How productive is your manufacturing? Today, an ERP system is part of the standard software and supports you in materials management. But does an ERP tell you about productivity, plant and machine availability or personnel expenses? With SMARTR.factory you integrate all data of the store floor and create the necessary transparency for a continuous improvement process. From employee time recording on the production line to the integration of existing plants and machines ...
The MES for Industry 4.0
The MES for Industry 4.0 FACTORYMINER provides support for production data acquisition so that, for example, order information, production and scrap quantities, machine information, personnel and shift data, faults and downtimes and tool data can be recorded and analyzed. Using FACTORYMINER, production can be displayed transparently and adjusted and optimized using the information available. You are able to identify and eliminate problems at an early stage.
for production data acquisition
for production data acquisition FAUSER MDC records the actual working times required manually, on the Internet, with a barcode or directly at the machine and provides evaluations according to orders, persons and workstations. Alone or together with other modules, FAUSER MDC provides you with meaningful figures that safeguard your productivity. As with all FAUSER AG programs, FAUSER MDC, the solution for production data collection, focuses on simple operation to ensure user acceptance ...
simcron production planning
planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems
planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems simcron is an innovative assistance system for production systems and can also be used in conjunction with established ERP solutions. Short-term order delivery date determinations, long-term forecast planning and the continuous short- and medium-term planning of production are available for project manufacturers, variant manufacturers, order manufacturers and series manufacturers. On the basis of multi-resource planning (machines, personnel, production resources), taking into account the current process status and material availability, an automated capacity comparison is carried out between order stock and resource availability.
cronetwork Machine and Process Data
Machine data acquisition
cronetwork Machine and Process Data is a system for the automatic transfer of machine states, quantities or process data and can be used as an independent module. Machine data is transferred via a flexibly scalable field bus system, OPC or via direct connection to your machine control system....
cronetwork Plant Data & Shop Floor Management
Production data acquisition - integrated with cronet machine data, detailed planning, pers
cronetwork Plant Data & Shop Floor Management brings transparency to your production. It provides the foreman and the production employee with a customized application. Due to the extensive check during data entry, a high data quality is achieved and the user is thus relieved. cronetwork betriebsdaten visual: visual gives the foreman a complete overview of his production unit at the push of a button. He sees which order is being processed where and by whom, the progress and the order stock for the production units ...
ProSeS - Production Monitor
Productivity, utilization and susceptibility to faults of the production machines at a gla
The Production Monitor module provides a visualization of your production and the corresponding production halls. The software displays a compressed representation of all machine states and production events. The digital hall view on your PC is automatically updated at regular intervals. Warning symbols and colors provide information about the current status of the individual machines. Any machine problems can thus be promptly evaluated and rectified.
Artificial intelligence for manufacturing process chains
Artificial intelligence for manufacturing process chains With Detact® you can focus not only on processes, but on entire process chains! Technologically innovative processes are becoming increasingly demanding. To make your work easier, you need an intelligent, digital solution. Detact® visualizes parameter influences on target variables on the component or in the process; accessible from any computer with a browser or via the Detact app. Quantify your room for maneuver in the process!...
Cosmino Panteo - PDA and MES software
The Digital Factory with Customized Software from PDA and MES
The Digital Factory with Customized Software from PDA and MES Cosmino data collection in the field of machine data collection (MDC) and production data collection (PDC) goes far beyond the simple collection of data. Rather, it enables the targeted acquisition of meaningful information in order to make operational processes more efficient. The software offers various methods of data collection to meet different requirements. By combining these different collection methods, Cosmino data collection offers a holistic set of tools for collecting and using information in the production environment.
Digital audits for systematic workplace optimization
Digital audits for systematic workplace optimization With the new 5S audit software, SCIIL AG is offering its customers another important digital tool to further digitalize and optimize workflows within production. The aim is to constantly minimize errors and therefore costs. The software module is of course also available as an audit app on Windows, Android and iOS.
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