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Real-time data acquisition provides meaningful information in discrete manufacturing


Real-time data acquisition provides meaningful information in discrete manufacturing
Software exposé

NuPMES is an innovative solution that differs from conventional QA software, detailed planning tools or ERP systems, although it loves key figures. The focus of NuPMES is on the collection of operating data, machine data and process data in real time, which can be generated and recorded on the store floor. This data is seamlessly integrated into the company's existing specialist systems. The aim is to create transparency in production.

There are many factors that influence the production cycle, such as break and set-up times, disruptions, cycle losses and scrap quantities. These parameters need to be analyzed and optimized in order to significantly improve production performance. NuPMES supports companies in analyzing this data and optimizing production results.

Advantages of using NuPMES in production

  • Reduction in time expenditure and susceptibility to errors thanks to automatic machine reporting
  • Reduction of accompanying documents (run card, material removal) in production
  • Location and time-independent real-time monitoring
  • Better planning with greater flexibility
  • Predictive detection of problems and maintenance cases for timely countermeasures
  • Creation of conditions for Smart Factory and future use cases in the digital store floor
  • Increased transparency and detection of weak points

A modular tool for production optimization

In the manufacturing sector, medium-sized companies often face challenges such as a lack of knowledge about the duration of individual production phases, insufficient documentation of machine running times and incorrect or forgotten quantity reports. Improving process quality and reliability plays a crucial role in increasing product quality and efficiency.

NuPMES provides important information such as drawings, order and tool information to address these challenges. By automatically or manually recording process parameters and energy consumption, NuPMES enables dynamic visualization, monitoring and evaluation of the store floor. The real-time data from these processes serves as a basis for logistics, production planning, quality assurance and cost accounting.

NuPMES provides medium-sized manufacturing companies with the information and tools they need to optimize their processes and improve quality, efficiency and process reliability.

Functional scope of NuPMES

Data acquisition

The design of NuPMES enables the connection of machine data via various communication protocols such as OPC/UA or MQTT for the input and output of signals. In addition, process statuses can be reported manually via the existing terminal functionality. With the help of modern IoT gateways, older machines can also be integrated into the process by retrofitting. Various recording devices such as barcode scanners, Legic readers and RFID readers are standard to ensure high reporting quality.

Data processing/evaluation

The MES monitor provides a real-time overview of the status of the machines. Integrated reporting functions graphically display MES key performance indicators (KPIs). OEE evaluations serve as a basis for further decisions, while Pareto analyses, time totals and downtime evaluations are also available. NuPMES also offers alarm and monitoring functions for localizing and detecting faults at an early stage. TARGET/ACTUAL durations, TARGET/ACTUAL quantities and traffic light functions are used to display this information. With integrated parameter management, NuPMES also enables complete traceability of all processes on the shop floor.


You have all relevant information immediately available during the production process. The worker receives all important information in good time and can enter data quickly and easily.

  • Assignment of workstations, machine groups or machines to an MES terminal
  • Various, freely definable operating statuses (e.g. "Production", "Set-up", "Waiting for material", "Technical fault" and others)
  • Person-related messages
  • Start, interruption and end messages
  • Notification of quantities (good, scrap and rework quantities) and indication of reasons for scrap
  • Paperless production - display of drawings and production documents
  • Recording of process parameters, energy consumption or other IoT data
  • Machine connection via OPC/UA, MQTT, PLC control, etc.
  • Retrofitting through IoT gateways

The MES monitor

You ensure your quality and have a reliable early warning system. By identifying the causes of faults, you can react immediately. Continuous data evaluation reduces unscheduled downtimes and thus ensures production throughput.

  • Browser-based, password-protected, online
  • Machine/workstation overview
  • Operating states, time progression, time totals
  • General management functions
  • Intuitive operability
  • Operating states, time progression, time totals
  • Dynamic visualization of important key performance indicators (KPIs) for MES
  • Pareto analysis
  • OEE key figures for machines and articles
  • Scrap rates by machine or article
  • Own, specific evaluations can be configured by the user



Target groups:

  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Series manufacturer
  • Variant manufacturer
Contact information:
Mr. Roman Wolf
03764 - 4000216

Functions (excerpt) of NuPMES:

Plant productivity (OEE/TEEP)
order-related personnel time recording
Order production list
Order tracking
Scrap analyses
Barcode, RFID
data aquisition
Processing times
Batch tracing
Detailed Planning
Fine control
Production control station
Graphical visualizations
Information management
Integration of the control level
Key figures and key figure systems
Performance analysis
Control station
Machine performance comparison
Machine Condition Survey
Machine documentation
machine inspections
Machine control
Quantity recording
Measurement data
Product data
Production tracking
Production controlling
Production status
Process data tracking
Inspection data acquisition
Quality management
Quality assurance
Set-up time evaluations
Shift histories and production reports
Target setup detection
Downtime Pareto analysis
Downtime detection
Changeover time
Time recording


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