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An ERP add-on is a software component that provides additional functions for the ERP in use. ERP standard systems can usually be quickly extended by add-ons. An add-on can be introduced together with a new ERP system or can also supplement the existing ERP system at a later date if required. These add-ons may become necessary, for example, when the business model is adapted or changed because the existing ERP system does not yet have these functionalities.

The various ERP add-ons are sometimes designed for only one system from a particular vendor, while other add-ons are suitable for different ERP systems. Some offer niche functions, while other add-ons offer more extensive functions. Common add-ons can be found in the areas of CRM, financial accounting, supply chain management, warehouse management or even human resources.

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xSuite Invoice
Accounts Payable Invoice Automation with SAP
Accounts Payable Invoice Automation with SAP Digitalize your processes with xSuite software - smart solutions for accounting, purchasing, order processing and archiving.
Barcode generator for SAP systems (R/3, MySAP ERP, Netweaver) - for every industry
Barcode generator for SAP systems (R/3, MySAP ERP, Netweaver) - for every industry RBarc+ is a barcode generator designed as an ERP add-on for SAP systems. It enables the quick and easy creation of barcodes and supports printing, faxing, archiving and conversion to PDF. No hardware extensions for printers are necessary.
ORSOFT - Manufacturing Workbench
SCM, APS and MES Add-ons to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
The Manufacturing Workbench is an ERP add-on that enables users to map, visualize, edit and optimize complicated logistical production models. The tool offers a range of functions that improve productivity and ensure product quality.
show 1 to 3 (of 3 entries)

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