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Process and meter data acquisition, archiving and evaluation
Process and meter data acquisition, archiving and evaluation TeBIS is the leading software solution for process and meter data acquisition, archiving and evaluation in the chemical industry. With TeBIS you can effectively monitor and control your production processes.
OTEC -- ERP / PPS Software for Surface Finishing Technologies
OTEC - The powerful Software System for all Surface Finishing Techniques
OTEC  -  The powerful Software System for all Surface Finishing Techniques OTEC BaSyS – the individual tailor-made Software System for the cost of a standard package. Today the usage of a powerful software is a must. Therefore, a sophisticated software system like OTEC, dedicated to the demands and procedures of surface finishing, will optimize the applicable processes and will tighten the related administration procedures.The resulting cost-reduction means advanced efficiency to the company and provides the basic pre-requisites for e.g. acquiring important professional certificates ...
The Marine CODieBOARD#supervision-center
Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!
The ship new building and claims management software CODieBOARD# supervision-center is designed to supervise all of your yard teams around the world. Be informed about every claim in real-time and be prepared for price negotiations with detailed claim lists. The maritime software handles damages and insurances cases too and is a valuable tool to stay in track in years of processing with insurance companies. The target of this software is to keep the costs and time as low as possible while it provides compelling evidences about claims, damages and warranty cases.
SpecPDM - product data management
Specification and recipe management
The SpecPDM application platform provides product development with a central storage and specifications management system in order to be able to react to market requirements in a faster and more flexible manner. At any point of time, the system provides management with latest information about all projects and supports R&D in effectively implementing the corporate goals. SpecPDM provides your company with a single database for formulas, list of ingredients, raw materials and specifications and also a tool that enables standardized business processes ...
cronetwork Plant Data & Shop Floor Management
Production data acquisition - integrated with cronet machine data, detailed planning, pers
cronetwork Plant Data & Shop Floor Management brings transparency to your production. It provides the foreman and the production employee with a customized application. Due to the extensive check during data entry, a high data quality is achieved and the user is thus relieved. cronetwork betriebsdaten visual: visual gives the foreman a complete overview of his production unit at the push of a button. He sees which order is being processed where and by whom, the progress and the order stock for the production units ...
cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel
Production control station integrated in cronetwork operating data + machine data
Adherence to delivery dates, cost reduction or minimization of inventory are just some of the keywords that characterize modern production management. In order to be able to work efficiently in contemporary supply chains, it is necessary to plan production processes efficiently and to be able to trace them transparently at any time. In doing so, it is important to take individual requirements into account in every form of production in order to achieve an optimal result. Whether series producers, flow producers or single-order producers...
Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is an extremely powerful software for recipe management. The software ensures a uniform level of knowledge about recipes and the ingredient lists. All relevant information is stored in a central database.
OEE Analyser
Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines
Productivity analysis and performance parameters of machines Der OEE Analyser ermittelt automatisch und in Echtzeit diverse Leistungskennzahlen von Produktionsanlagen unterschiedlichster Art. Die Anbindung an die Anlagen ist sehr einfach. Die automatische Arbeitsweise liefert genaue Ergebnisse und erfordert keinen zusätzlichen Personalaufwand. Der OEE Analyser ist rasch installiert und betriebsbereit. Schon nach wenigen Stunden Vorbereitungsarbeit werden erste Ergebnisdaten sichtbar.
COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution/Shop Floor System
COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution/Shop Floor System COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution System for roll production and converting. The industry solution for manufacturing execution system (MES) and production data acquisition (PDA) for manufacturers, converters and finishers of films (foil), paper, cardboard, textile (textiles), nonwovens, composites, packaging, plastics industry, process industry and all web-, roll- and format-shaped products. Industry 4.0 can be experienced with the industry solution COAGO MES from GRASS. This is because the system integrates the ERP worlds with the production and machine levels ...
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