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cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel

Production control station integrated in cronetwork operating data + machine data

Adherence to delivery dates, cost reduction or minimization of inventory are just some of the keywords that characterize modern production management. In order to be able to work efficiently in contemporary supply chains, it is necessary to plan production processes efficiently and to be able to trace them transparently at any time. In doing so, it is important to take individual requirements into account in every form of production in order to achieve an optimal result.

Whether series producers, flow producers or single-order producers - cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel of the industry, computer science can be "adjusted" by the various possibilities of the parameterization to the most different production forms.

Here are only some functionalities in keywords:

  • scheduling types (forward, backward or center point)
  • setup time optimization with the help of setup matrices
  • parallel simulations including their comparisons (e.g. according to cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel, adherence to schedules, costs etc.)
  • arbitrarily adjustable planning horizons
  • scheduling of personnel (according to qualification and performance factor) in interaction with cronetwork personnel time
  • checking availability of devices, tools, material, drawings, etc.
  • transfer of demand or delivery dates to third-party systems (purchasing, supplier, customer, etc.),
  • workstation allocation via technologies.

Due to the integration into the cronetwork modules personnel time, operating data and machine data and the transparent display of events in the execution level (e.g. reduction of production capacity due to machine failure or personnel availability due to vacation planning), cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel is the ideal tool for planning and control.

Processes in PDC or MDC become immediately visible through changes in the graphical representation of detailed planning. Cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel thus represents the central tool for transparent and optimized production control and is thus also ideally suited for reacting quickly and efficiently to changes.

The industry-neutral standard software cronetwork enables new possibilities in production organization, especially for industrial companies with 100 or more employees.
This flexibility and the direct benefits for the individual employee explain the high acceptance of cronetwork by well-known national and international customers such as Voith, Gardena, Schüco, Miba, Umdasch, Sandoz (Novartis), Schott, etc.

Target groups:

Production companies from the discrete manufacturing sector, 100 employees or more

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Functions (excerpt) of cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel:

data aquisition
Detailed Planning
Fine control
Geographical display
Measurement data
Personnel planning
Planning period
Production control


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Win Vista
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Flash memory

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