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In this SoftGuide section you will find further software for purchasing and production. Among other things, we present systems for ordering, recipe management, emergency management and much more. By using purchasing software, it is possible to collect and process the necessary data, which is usually located in a wide variety of places in the company. Purchasing management software enables comprehensive control of the entire procurement process. It usually includes status queries on orders, purchase orders and inventory management. With purchasing software, you can also ensure, among other things, that employees in purchasing act in a compliant manner.

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IKS - Integrated Kanban System
Software to support manual Kanban systems and to realize electronic Kanban
Software to support manual Kanban systems and to realize electronic Kanban Our E-KANBAN system IKS includes the complete Kanban data management, printing of Kanban labels, tracking the Kanban movements at the shop-floor, Kanban Monitoring, linking of external suppliers via Web-Portal or email and also a dynamic E-Kanban Board for produciton scheduling, which is 100% Pull based. IKS offer a universal and flexile interface to all existing ERP/MRP systems. Make your Kanban system easier, faster and more efficient!...
ERP complete solution for medium-sized businesses
The industry-independent ERP solution for medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises includes product planning and control, purchasing and invoice verification, materials management, warehouse control, order processing, customer relationship management, reporting and much more. The software is extremely flexible, offers a wide range of expansion options, is release-capable and almost all commercial processes in your company are mapped.
CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center (CB#mmc)
Modern Fleet Management - the digital assistant for your daily maritime business.
You can only survive in the maritime business with the highest efficiency. CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center offers a wide range of programs to help your company demonstrate excellence in ship management, crew management, quality and safety management, etc. We are delivering customized software solutions to shipping companies and the offshore industry since more than 30 years. Our software provides real-time data analysis and the ability to edit and optimize operational processes to gain an edge in your maritime business.
ProSeS - Production 360
Process optimization - inputs in the production-related area
The Production 360° system consists of operator terminals, software and signal acquisition devices. The system maps the production control, quality control and real-time display. The production personnel enters order-related operating data at the assembly and manual workstations. Good pieces and rejects can be booked, orders can be started and finished, and personnel can be logged on and off.
Supply-Monitor™ - Software solution for supplier management
Purchasing information system: supplier management, supplier portal, document management
Purchasing information system: supplier management, supplier portal, document management The Supply Monitor supports the entire supplier management: from the initial registration and pre-qualification of potential suppliers, the requalification of existing suppliers via the supplier portal, risk management to classification and supplier development, supplemented by supplier evaluation and spend analysis. The document and contract management makes the Supply Monitor the information centre of the purchasing department. Freely configurable, web-based data entry forms integrate workflows such as complaints management.
flexis Order Slotting & Scheduling ensures early visibility of bottlenecks
flexis Order Slotting & Scheduling ensures early visibility of bottlenecks The APS solution increases production efficiency and balances production by using cloud-agnostic software for planning, sequencing and scheduling. This enables leaner production, real-time monitoring of daily, weekly and monthly schedules, and continuous adjustments to improve results.
EPLAN Engineering Configuration
The basis for functional engineering
EPLAN Engineering Configuration (EEC) is an enterprise solution for configuration and automated engineering that automates and integrates engineering processes and links them with configuration processes in sales, order processing and directly in engineering. Automation with EPLAN is based on measures such as product structuring and the implementation of a reuse concept on a modular basis.
Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is a software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional calculation and ingredient lists. It helps you to specify your products quickly and easily and find the right ingredients for your recipes.
Contract Alert - web based contract management software
Web based contract management software with email reminders and user access restrictions
Industry-independent software, with fully integrated Data Import, Data Encryption and Deadline Monitoring. Contract Alert isa software for centralizing contracts and minimizing risks. A fact-based contract management tool that allows: Contract period monitoring, Centralized storage of contracts and key data, with access according to user profile, Contract templates, Use of financial data for projections, for e.g. budgeting, Export of contract items to an external memory for e.g. word processing or Due Diligence ...
The business software with integrated production planning & control
The business software with integrated production planning & control PPS-IT, the ERP/PPS solution based on MS Dynamics 365 Business Central for high-tech manufacturing, not only maps the PPS functionalities, but is also a comprehensive business management application software. Graphical elements such as the planning board, storage location allocation and stock development are also mapped, as is EDI communication with suppliers and customers. If required, PDA systems or other specialised systems can be easily connected.
WinTool Management Software
Data manager tool for programming and workshop
Data manager tool for programming and workshop WinTool is the most successfully used tool management system worldwide with over 10,000 installations and is characterized by technically advanced and periodically maintained interfaces. The solution is preferred by customers because it is easy to use and comprehensive in expansion options. Extension modules for workshop organization, programming and NC file management can be introduced step by step ...
ProSeS - PC Terminal
Add production orders conveniently and start actions - Modular PDA component
Increasing the efficiency of production is a key element of digitalization. The PDA PC terminal offers you exactly the features you need as a mobile partner for production. Add orders directly at the machines via operator terminals, on the PC, touchscreens and handhelds. Save time and easily and intuitively perform actions such as order changes, personnel logins and logouts, etc.
Software to control, monitor and optimize your intralogistics
Software to control, monitor and optimize your intralogistics PSIwms supports the planning, control and optimization of operational processes in intralogistics. The software solution offers modules with modern, future-oriented functionalities for this purpose. Already in the standard version, PSIwms supports all relevant warehouse forms, types and technologies. PSIwms is suitable for small, large and complex warehouses and can also be used in production-related warehouses or, for example, in shipping warehouses or distribution centers.
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