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IKS - Integrated Kanban System

Software to support manual Kanban systems and to realize electronic Kanban

Version:  Web-based

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KANBAN - Lean - Smart -Simple

IKS is a professional ad easy to use web-based E-Kanban software. IKS makes Kanban systems easier, faster and more efficient.

The system will be used in operation to support the existing Kanban processes. Companies from different business sectors are using this E-Kanban benefits to optimize their logistic processes and the existing Supply-Chain.

IKS enables a fast, efficient and successful optimization of the exting Kanban systems. Objective is the support of the Kanban processes, a perfect visualization and the contiuous improvement of the Kanban parameters.

IKS can be used to implement a Kanban system from the beginning, but also to support extensive Kanban environments. During the development of the IKS system, the benefits of manual Kanban systems have been taken and improved continuously.

IKS can be used for the following user groups:

  • Companies that are starting with the Kanban implementiation
    Companies that are using Kanban sucessfully, but want to do the next step and make their Kanban processes more efficient

Functionalities and modules

  • Realization of different internal and external Kanban processes, like Transport Kanban, Production-Kanban, Finished Good Kanban, but also Suppluer Kanban and Customer Kanban
  • All users and suppliers get online access and get the required Kanban information in real-time
  • IKS offers an easy and flexible Kanban data management, but also an extensive monitoring of all important Kanban information
  • Tracking of the Kanban movements via barcode readers
  • Integration of production areas, warehouses, external suppliers and also other intercompany locations via Web-Portal
  • Analysis of Kanban specific KPIs and charts like inventory levels, consumption rates and lead-times
  • Fast adjustment of Kanban levels based on changed demands
  • Dynamic visualization of Kanban orders via E-Kanban board
  • System to recognize possible material shortages
  • and many more

Manual Kanban system are a very important part of the Lean Production phylosophy - keep it simple - but include also some weaknesses.

The E-Kanban system IKS offers the following benefits:

  • Easy management of all Kanban loops and Kanban labels
  • Maximum transperency about the Kanban situation
  • Support of intern production scheduling via Kanban orders
  • Optimization of Kanban processes
  • Continuous improvement of the Kanban parameters
  • Support of internal processses by permanent or use-and-throw-away Kanban cards
  • Easy integration of external suppliers or other intercompany locations vie Web and Email
  • Support of demand fluctuations
  • Real-time information about possible material shortages
  • Extensive analysis to improve the Kanban system continuously and to reach maximum savings
  • Interface to all existing ERP system zur create automated material booking processes

IKS will be offered in differen "Editions":

IKS SMALL BUSINESS - for small companies

Includes all IKS modules and full functionalities inclusive integration of external suppliers via Web-Portal or email plus our electronic Kanban board for production scheduling.
This IKS Edition enables to low-cost realizaton of an E-Kanban system and is also perfect for a first E-Kanban pilot project.

IKS MEDIUM und CLASSIC - for medium sized companies

The extension of the IKS SMALL BUSINESS Edition with more users. So more production areas and suppliers can be integrated into the Kanban process.
Create your flexible E-Kanban system step by step and improve your Pull processes continuously.

IKS ENTERPRISE - for big companies

This Edition offers an "all-inclusive package". It includes all existing IKS modules and has no limitations regarding the number of users.

Contact us to get a free IKS (Online) demonstration or agree an E-Kanban Workshop!

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In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, too!

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Target groups:
  • Companies in all kind of industries
  • Companies that use a (manual) Kanban system and have some Kanban experience, when they want to make their processes more efficient and when they are ready to do the next step
  • Companies that have made some first Kanban experiences and want to roll-out the Pull system
  • Companies that want to start implementing Kanban, but want also the start with an efficient and flexible Kanban system from beginning
from 357.00 EUR (300.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
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