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The term procurement or eProcurement (electronic procurement) covers all activities in a company that serve to supply materials, services and operating and work equipment. Procurement includes purchasing, materials planning and goods receipt. Procurement covers among other things the inventory control, the determination of requirements and order quantity planning. It thus also touches on areas of capacity planning. eProcurement includes supplier selection, ordering and order monitoring, and procurement logistics. eProcurement reduces effort and costs per order. The ordering process is automated. Uniform supplier catalogs with predefined conditions can be stored. eProcurement systems automatically archive all important data on the order processes. eProcurement solutions can be integrated into an existing ERP system via interfaces.

Compare in this current market overview the topic of Procurement. The listed procurement software supports you usually with different procurement types such as purchase orders, purchase requisitions, material reservations and goods movements. Depending upon disposition procedure the software for procurement can send requirement messages to the material camp and/or the camp logistics, pass on to a requirement cost center or deliver to a production unit.

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CODie ISMAN - Ship Management and Fleet Management
Marine Ship Management Software: Procurement, Planned Maintenance, ISM Management, ISPS
Marine Ship Management Software: Procurement, Planned Maintenance, ISM Management, ISPS
The planned maintenance software CODie ISMAN was designed for easy ship management. Its main goal is to make the administration of a vessel aboard and in the offices of the shipping company easier and highly effective. The target of this fleet management software is to keep the costs and time (especially the lay days in ports) as low as possible. Therefore, it comes with dry-dock planner, procurement and spare part stock system and ISM Management module. The software was developed by seagoing staff and have been designed by crew members for easy use and reliability.
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